Zedd Rave

Zedd Rave


Grammy award-winning DJ Zedd is renowned for his psychedelic sets, captivating audiences at numerous festivals worldwide. His debut album Clarity features several big hits like Clarity with Foxes and Stay the Night featuring Hayley Williams.

Though his music is undoubtedly inspirational and upbeat, Zedd’s sets are more about an exhilarating two-hour journey of pure euphoria than anything else. To mark the impending release of his second album True Colors, he held an extravagant party across 10 cities for 50 lucky fans.

1. Light & Life

At Zedd rave, Light & Life added an immersive level of visual effects that captured the energy and exhilaration of an EDM party. Their strobes danced over the audience as if they were part of the dance floor itself; creating an unforgettable visual experience that elevated concert/clubbing to new heights while giving people a rare insight into a culture often associated with drug use.

John Garberson of Creative BackStage designed the rig for this event in collaboration with Forty8 Live’s team. Utilizing both their own inventory and LIT Lighting fixtures, they used eight Maverick Force S Spot, 40 Rogue R2 Beam, and 40 Rogue R2 Wash fixtures to achieve stunning visuals that made this show truly remarkable.

Light & Life’s award-winning visuals were used to bring out the best in each artist and draw in concertgoers for an immersive concert experience. From Martin Garrix to Afrojack and beyond, the rig was tailored to showcase each act’s music while creating a fun and exciting environment.

For the first time ever, Zedd’s show featured an expansive video wall. Displaying an array of abstract images, this additional dimension added depth and dimension to his performance.

In addition to the vibrant visuals, the concert was filled with vibrant characters and costumes. From people wearing glow sticks to those sporting so much makeup they were considered one of the strobes, this zedd rave was an inspiring celebration of life – a reminder that electronic dance culture is welcoming for everyone.

2. Visual Effects

Zedd’s sets featured him seated atop an elevated platform illuminated by Light & Life’s celebrated visual effects. From blue icicle-like columns to rainbow clouds and CGI microchips hurling through space, the effect was like an abstract landscape begging for surreality.

Zedd’s visuals were an integral part of his live shows, adding to the DJ’s live show and clubbing experience. Stevie Hernandez served as lighting designer, VJ Gabe Damast was VJ Gabe Damast was tour manager Ken Floyd were all involved with producing these visuals over three years.

They collaborated with Red Giant and Denoiser to design the visuals for their upcoming zedd rave, set to take place in Brooklyn, NY in July. Mike was able to quickly add several eye-catching effects thanks to Denoiser’s fast rendering capabilities.

These stunning effects were displayed on an LED screen spanning 80 feet wide and 22 feet tall, featuring custom-made content created by Beeple, Scott Pagano, and Gabe.

As the strobes lit up, people were drawn together by magnetic energy. The beams danced around the room, shining on phones and mirroring dance moves of those in attendance.

I was truly spellbound by the lights and ambiance of the concert. It was truly unique, and I can’t wait to go back again next time he visits town.

The EDM scene is often stereotyped as a drug culture, and while this may be true for some of its attendees, the energy at a Zedd rave was truly something special. The visuals, music and audience all worked together to make this a night I won’t soon forget.

3. Psychedelics

Psychedelics (also known as hallucinogens) are drugs that alter perceptions and thoughts. They have been used for millennia by various cultures to elicit spiritual or mystical experiences. Some occur naturally, in trees, vines, seeds, fungi and leaves; while others are synthesized in laboratories.

Traditionally, psychedelics were prescribed by doctors for various medical conditions and psychotherapeutic substances. Nowadays, however, many people enjoy them recreationally for their mystical effects and to enhance sensory perception, thought processes, energy levels, and more.

Though many people consider psychedelics to be dangerous, research has found they are safe and do not cause addiction. Studies have discovered that taking psychedelics can lead to new connections in the brain, an altered state of consciousness, and improved memories and feelings processing. They may even help patients overcome mental health issues like alcoholism or schizophrenia.

Recent research from the University of California, Berkeley revealed that psychedelics can stimulate the brain to form new connections and reset itself – a phenomenon known as neuroplasticity.

Psilocybin, commonly referred to as “magic mushrooms”, is one of the most potent hallucinogens available today. It can be consumed orally or smoked. Other commonly used psychedelics include mescaline and DMT.

Psychedelics are often employed in religious ceremonies and rituals to enhance spiritual awareness and give new life to ancient teachings.

Psychotropics remain a popular part of EDM culture and raves, especially zedd rave. At these events, attendees are encouraged to use them in order to tap into the collective frequency channeled at these gatherings.

4. The Music

Zedd has become a worldwide sensation due to his massive pop-EDM hits. At live shows, he’s known for breaking down genre barriers and uniting everyone through music.

When performing, he strives to keep the show upbeat with upbeat songs with encouraging messages for the audience. This style of music, which he refers to as “positive EDM,” has become a hit with his fans.

At Zedd Rave, the music was an incredible blend of his own anthemic hits and modern tracks that were sure to get everyone energized! Whether it was his more recent singles like “Lost in Japan” or other upbeat tracks, every song felt like it had a message to bring people together and get them singing along with its lyrics.

If you enjoy Zedd’s music, be sure to check out his new single, “Stay the Night.” It’s an electro-pop track with an exciting intro and buildup leading up to an explosive drop. Not only are the vocals impeccable, but the music itself is truly enjoyable as well.

Zedd’s collaboration with Martin Garrix, “Clock Tick,” is one of his finest songs. This uptempo track mixes clock ticks and high-octane synths with an intense vocal performance that should be on everyone’s list of Zedd’s top 10. This one certainly deserves to be among the top 10!

Zedd has achieved great success since his induction into the music industry, but he’s still young and still learning about this craft of making music. Hopefully he will find success in the future and become more than just another pop star.

5. The Audience

Zedd’s show isn’t just about the music; it’s an immersive experience. He works closely with his audience to match their energy with explosive pyrotechnics and vibrant laser arrays that further enhance their experiences each night.

The set list was jam-packed with the top hits from his highly praised album Clarity and remixes, such as Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” and Benny Benassi’s “Cinema.” Visuals complemented each song perfectly, leaving everyone mesmerized by them.

After the sets, the audience stayed around and took photos with the artist before departing. Many said they had an enjoyable time and plan to return again soon.

Zedd’s collaboration with country singer-songwriter Maren Morris on “The Middle” has been one of the biggest surprises of his career. It’s a vibrant pop track that leans more towards dance music than electro and blends EDM elements with some Morris’ country twang.

Zedd is an accomplished DJ, producer and songwriter of electronic music. His signature production style and distinctive approach to composition set him apart from other electronic artists.

He’s also a frequent collaborator, producing tracks for many artists such as Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande. For his efforts he’s earned several awards including being named the best new artist at the 2018 Grammy Awards.

After his major label debut with Clarity, Zedd continues to explore his EDM-pop sound with his second studio album True Colors. It includes guest singer Selena Gomez on “I Want You to Know,” which finds modest success on Billboard charts; reaching the top 10 and peaking at number 17.