What’s Plur

What's Plur

PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity and Respect) is the mantra of rave culture – principles to live by at all times.

Initially, PLUR stood for Peace Love Unity Movement founded by New York DJ Frankie Bones in 1990 after a fight broke out at a warehouse rave. As the DJ took control of the microphone to emphasize respect, he immediately stopped the show and addressed attendees about respect.

What is plur?

Plur is an acronym that stands for peace, love, unity and respect. It has become widely popular within the rave and EDM scenes as a representation of the values held by many ravers.

PLUR was first popularized in rave culture during the 1990s and has become a beloved symbol of its community. It represents the values that ravers hold dear, providing an environment of safety for everyone within a rave setting.

The word PLUR can also be applied to individuals who uphold its values, known as a PLUR king. These leaders tend to be kind and compassionate individuals who strive for positive transformation in the world.

Another way raver’s show their support for one another is by wearing PLUR jewelry. These bracelets are usually handmade from round pony beads and letters with various messages engraved on them. As these pieces of jewelry take a lot of effort to craft, their meaning is especially poignant.

Ravers often don PLUR bracelets and perform the PLUR handshake to greet one another. This gesture involves making a peace sign, half heart, and clasping hands together in unison. Not only is it an enjoyable way to meet new people but it also shows your solidarity with rave culture.

Ravers also use this custom to show their support for their favorite artists. When these folks go hard, ravers can offer up a PLUR handshake and trade kandi in return. This has been an established practice within the rave scene for many years – what an awesome way to spread love and PLUR in the moment!

PLUR is a vital concept in the rave and EDM scenes. It encapsulates the values that many ravers hold dear, so it’s essential to comprehend its meaning so you can become an active participant within this scene.

Frankie Bones founded the PLUR movement in the 1990s, and it has since grown into a way of life for many ravers. Its values are rooted in peace, love and unity – values which should be upheld while dancing.

How is plur made?

PLUR is an acronym that stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect – values held dear by raver communities around the world. These ideals, inspired by 1960s consciousness revolution pioneers, form the core foundation of rave culture today and serve as inspiration to its practitioners.

At nearly 30 years ago, DJ Frankie Bones from New York created the PLUR acronym during a warehouse rave. At this event, two people got into an argument and Bones took time out of his set to address the crowd about respect. He stressed how critical it is that everyone show some kindness, love and unity within a crowd; otherwise problems would arise. Soon enough someone added R for Respect to make it official: the Raver’s Manifesto had been born!

Since then, PLUR-themed clothing or accessories are increasingly common at music festivals and raves. It serves to illustrate these values in the moment and make them more prominent in everyday life.

The PLUR handshake is a widely-used way to convey this concept. Each letter of the acronym has its own specific movement associated with it; for instance, if you say “Peace”, both of you will make a peace sign with your hands and touch them together in agreement.

For “Love,” you and your partner will each make a half heart with your hands before connecting them to form an entire heart. If you say “Unity,” press your palms together and have both of you wrap their fingers around one another in order to hold hands tightly.

Finally, when you say “Respect,” both of you will join hands and your fingers will interlock together. This action has been linked to an oxytocin-releasing hormone which helps reduce stress levels while serving as a powerful anti-inflammatory.

PLUR may have changed, but its core values remain unchanged. With recent scandals and allegations of sexual assault affecting the electronic music scene, PLUR’s image as a beacon of inclusivity has taken on a shadow of its former self.

Why is plur important?

The acronym PLUR is one of the most beloved and iconic terms in dance music culture. It serves as a guidepost for many ravers, providing direction and discipline when engaging in bad behavior. It plays an essential role in cultivating rave culture.

PLUR is an acronym that stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. It’s used to spread positive vibes and demonstrate respect towards others no matter the event or setting. PLUR is often said at festivals and raves to motivate attendees and make them feel included.

Frankie Bones started the PLUR movement in 1990 as a way to foster unity within the dance music community and prevent fights from breaking out. At Storm Rave 1993, Bones stopped his set to emphasize respect between members of the rave community – this became known as PLUR among ravers ever since and has become an iconic mantra that everyone knows by heart.

While PLUR is a cornerstone of dance music culture, its interpretation varies between generations. In the nineties, ravers focused on cultivating an atmosphere of brotherhood; in the noughties however, newcomers entered the scene who weren’t familiar with its roots or its legacy.

Today, PLUR is more often associated with Kandi bracelets and secret handshakes than it does with its original mandate of uniting in a musical sanctuary. PLUR serves as both an ethical guide for those wanting to dance and a calling card for those wanting to join in on the fun.

PLUR is important because it offers a platform for the dance community to connect and form friendships. When you have someone to lean on while dancing, it helps keep you calm and composed; plus, having new acquaintances makes the party even more enjoyable!

When you say PLUR, it’s often accompanied by a special handshake. This gesture conveys your affection and concern for other ravers. It’s an excellent opportunity to create memories with fellow partygoers.

What are the benefits of plur?

PLUR is an age-old concept in rave culture, yet it remains a cornerstone. As its name implies, PLUR encourages sharing the fun while staying safe and healthy while having some serious fun! And best of all? You can do it with anyone – regardless of age or background! In fact, this movement has become so popular that there are now multiple social media channels dedicated solely to spreading its ethos.

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