What is Plur Edm

What is Plur Edm

PLUR is an acronym that stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. It is a commitment that all raver should aspire to live by.

Frankie Bones created it and it remains one of the cornerstones of rave culture today, contributing to EDC and other festivals’ growth each year.

What is PLUR?

PLUR is a rallying cry used by ravers to demonstrate their values of peace, love, unity and respect. These principles have been closely associated with rave culture since its inception in the 1990s.

Since its founding in New York City, PLUR has become the unifying force among a generation of ravers and festivals worldwide. It stands as an emblematic representation of core values that can be appreciated by people regardless of race, class or religion.

Ravers often bring items related to PLUR, such as beaded bracelets, perlers and cuffs with them during their events. These mementos serve as reminders of what PLUR stands for and are meant to be shared with others to carry its values forward.

These bracelets, commonly referred to as kandi, typically bear symbols related to the PLUR motto. For instance, one kandi may feature words such as “Peace,” “Love,” and “Unity.” Kandis are meant to be exchanged during a rave event.

Ravers can use Plur as an effective communication tool. If someone feels down and needs to connect with another raver, they simply ask if they are “PLUR.”

The acronym PLUR, sometimes referred to as the “Peace Love Unity Respect Movement” or simply the “PLUM Movement,” is one of the four mantras in rave culture and was first coined in 1990 by American DJ Frankie Bones after a warehouse rave had an unpleasant incident occur.

At this event, Bones delivered a speech that introduced the world to his four-word mantra. His speech stressed the significance of respect and encouraged attendees to be cognizant of their actions and how they affected others.

After this speech, he began using the phrase in his raving lingo and it quickly gained notoriety. Eventually, it could be seen on nightclub flyers and club paraphernalia advertising underground outdoor trance music parties.

Over time, PLUR has grown into a more expansive, accepting culture and is seen by many as an inspiring force in the world. Today, its impact on many people’s attitudes towards themselves and their environment continues to be significant.

What is PLUR King?

PLUR is an acronym that stands for “Peace, Love, Unity and Respect” that has a far-reaching impact. This mantra encourages community building, inclusivity and social responsibility within the rave scene.

The acronym itself speaks to a philosophy that has been around for decades, yet wasn’t born with the introduction of electronic dance music (EDM). A PLUR king is an exemplary member of the rave community.

A PLUR king is an individual who embodies positive traits such as compassion, kindness and generosity. They demonstrate these virtues by helping others – whether it’s giving someone a lift to the bathroom or helping them move into their new apartment – making them pillars in their community.

The PLUR king of the triathlon may be more expensive than most raver’s budget would allow, but their attractive body is worth every penny. Plus, they have an impeccable taste in music and always keep their ears tuned to what’s hot. It’s no wonder why PLUR kings are sought-after leaders of this iconic subculture – hopefully they will usher in an exciting new chapter!

What is PLUR Culture?

PLUR stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect and represents the fundamental philosophy that unites those within the rave culture. It emphasizes the positive values found within it and requires ravers to uphold these principles during their events.

Ravers must show respect towards others and treat everyone with dignity, in order to maintain a safe community for all members. While there will always be some negativity associated with the culture, it’s possible to keep things positive at a PLUR event.

One of the primary ways ravers demonstrate their PLUR value is through gestures. When meeting someone new, ravers usually extend a handshake as an expression of love and kindness towards the individual they are shaking hands with. Not only does this provide entertainment for everyone involved, but it can also leave a lasting impression on newcomers!

They may also exchange bracelets called kandi. These handmade creations are composed of pony beads and elastic string and personalized with different shapes and symbols to make each bracelet truly unique to each raver.

They might use a gesture called the heart during their handshake to symbolize love – this is where their fingers become intertwined and then hold them out for each other to grab.

Ravers can show their support for PLUR by wearing music that promotes equality, wearing bracelets with the logo or creating artwork such as lunchboxes! There are plenty of other ways to demonstrate their enthusiasm too!

These PLUR-friendly items can be very economical and serve as an ideal way to show your support at festivals or raves. Furthermore, they serve to inspire other ravers to live up to PLUR values!

The PLUR movement began as the Peace Love Unity Movement. However, at a warehouse rave a fight broke out which ultimately resulted in adding “Respect.” This moment proved pivotal for PLUR as it demonstrated that they needed to show respect towards one another.

What is PLUR Values?

PLUR values are the fundamental beliefs and principles that Raver culture strives to uphold. These ideals include peace, love, unity and respect for everyone. Ravers often demonstrate these ideals through their interactions with other people as well as when attending raves or music events.

Ultimately, these values help create a safe community and emphasize responsibility and mindfulness when participating in activities like raves or festivals. Although many people look down upon this subculture, it is actually quite vibrant with like-minded individuals that strive to spread positive vibes and celebrate life through music.

Ravers often express their dedication to PLUR through the PLUR handshake, which involves intertwining all four fingers and pressing them together with both palms. This ritual serves to build connections with others in the dance music community and reinforce PLUR’s message of respect and unity.

One way ravers express their PLUR values is through kandi bracelets, which are commonly worn at raves. These necklaces are composed of round pony beads and letters and often feature inspiring or humorous messages.

These bracelets are an ideal way for ravers to show their support of the PLUR motto and make new friends within the rave community! Kandi trading has long been a beloved tradition within this community.

A PLUR handshake is an expression of appreciation for someone’s contribution to PLUR; the person shaking your hand transfers a piece of kandi onto yours as a sign they understand its significance. It can be an enjoyable way to form bonds with new members of the dance music community and keep memories alive for years to come.

Ravers often wear other jewelry such as perler beads and cuffs to show their support of PLUR values. Although these items may be inexpensive, they make great mementos to take home with you.

The PLUR philosophy is an integral component of rave culture and continues to resonate with people from all backgrounds. This mantra represents peace, love, unity and respect – an attitude which can shape your perspective on life.