Techno Rave

Techno Rave

Raves were parties that celebrated music and people with open hearts, encouraging everyone to express themselves freely. Techno rave is a dance party usually featuring DJs playing techno music.

Ravers of the 1990s were characterized by their bright-colored hair, dreadlocks, tattoos and piercings. Additionally, they donned oversized sunglasses, glow sticks and feather boas to complete their look.


Techno raves feature an eclectic range of dance music genres. Popular choices include breakbeat, drum and bass, electro, house, and trance.

Breakbeat is an electronic music genre composed of hardcore breaks and nu-skool breaks. This style of music was popular during the early 1990s and it remains popular today at rave parties.

Electronic funk is another musical genre commonly played at raves. Similar to techno, it features fast pulsating beats and heavy bass drops. It’s known for its energy and upbeat vibes.

DJs playing this genre of music at raves typically include Icey, Mike & Charlie, Brad Smith and Agent K & Deuce. These DJs use various samplers to craft their tracks.

Techno is an electronic dance music genre born in Detroit, Michigan in the United States. It blends elements of minimalism with elements of dub and industrial music for a unique sound.

In the mid-80s, Juan Atkins, Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson helped shape this genre. Their sound originated in Detroit but quickly spread throughout Europe – particularly Germany.

Techno music began as an influence of Kraftwerk in the late 1980s, but eventually developed into its own genre. Their first single, “No UFO’s,” became a huge success and helped establish this musical genre.

Techno is divided into several subgenres, the most popular being minimal, electro and acid techno. Jeff Mills’ track The Bells has become the go-to dance staple since 1995 with its fast tempo, steady beat and captivating treble that keeps ravers dancing to it.

Though the music played at raves has evolved over time, its vibrant culture remains unchanged. Its emphasis on inclusivity and community has made it an influential and lasting movement.

Music has also been utilized as a vehicle for social activism, with strong ties to the LGBTQ+ community and other marginalized groups. Through its power to inspire change, popular culture has become an influential element within contemporary life.


Techno rave attendees have an unique way of communicating. They do so through dancing, which is an excellent way for them to get acquainted without using words.

Techno music, also known as house music, has become an international sensation. With its high energy and repetitive beats, techno shamans – DJs who play it – have almost unlimited freedom to express their personalities through their sets.

Techno shamans are renowned for their captivating stage personas, in addition to the music. This makes them adept at communicating with audiences, sharing personal experiences that in turn facilitate political beliefs and opinions.

Rave culture is an eclectic blending of people from various backgrounds, cultures and ages. It is a vibrant social movement with many participants joining it for various reasons.

Some attend raves for the first time in their lives, while others come to celebrate something special. No matter why they attend a rave, one thing unites all attendees: music!

Wark refers to this phenomenon as the rave continuum. When everything comes together, it creates a surreal kind of nonlinear time that seems to flow into one another. In this sideways techno-tempo, measured by kick drum beats, Wark describes moments that seem to merge seamlessly one into another.

In this frenetic period, people’s emotions, styles of life, new moral beliefs and senses of injustice become intertwined. They form what are known as “neo-tribes,” temporary groups who share an intense shared experience.

Neo-tribes are formed around the values of the rave, such as peace, love, unity and respect (PLUR). This is symbolized by the rave logo itself.

To preserve this PLUR, a group of raver must be willing to share their experiences and make necessary changes when needed. While this may be challenging, it is achievable.

Raves have also been associated with the use of illegal drugs like MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine), ketamine and GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate). Although these substances do not harm anyone, they form part of the rave experience. As a result, police and health authorities are becoming increasingly worried about potential for substance abuse and addiction that can have deadly outcomes.


At techno raves, many attendees use drugs. These substances enhance the musical experience and heighten emotions; they also reduce inhibitions and serve as party fuel.

Some of these drugs are highly potent and can induce a psychedelic experience similar to LSD or psilocybin mushrooms. They may help you feel more liberated and connected to your environment.

However, it is not mandatory that a person must take drugs at a rave. Some people see a rave as an outlet to release their anger or fears.

Another group of people view raves as a venue to connect with others. Here, they tend to be more open about their ideas and feelings than in other social environments.

This group also sees the techno scene as an alternative lifestyle, where they can connect with like-minded individuals who share an affinity for music and dance. This makes the techno scene highly exciting and serves as motivation for them to attend techno parties.

The techno scene is a global community that’s ever changing and highly culturally diverse. This explains why there are so many subgenres within it, each having its own distinct sound and characteristics.

For instance, techno music can sound very different in Switzerland and the United States due to cultural differences like music style, dress sense and attitude towards drug use.

Rave is a transnational and cross-border youth culture with the potential to foster unity between people from various backgrounds. It serves as an excellent example of Neotribalism, which describes temporary alliances formed around shared emotions, styles of life, new moral beliefs and senses of injustice.

These communities can be found around the globe and typically consist of a social network with connections to others who share your experience. This helps form temporary groups that dissipate quickly after the party ends.

After Hours

When attending a techno rave, whether you’re new to it or an experienced veteran, there are some things to keep in mind. Be mindful of potential risks such as being too drunk or getting overheated, and also be alert for any safety issues that might crop up during the event.

At a techno party, the music and lights are meant to get you upbeat and have some fun. Some may take drugs for added euphoria, but this isn’t necessary in order for everyone to have an enjoyable time.

When attending a techno party, always wear sunscreen as the sun can reflect off all of the lasers and LED lights in an unhealthy way that could cause your skin to burn. Furthermore, avoid applying lotion or perfume directly onto your face as these products tend to clog pores and leave you with dry, itchy skin.

Be prepared for a long night, especially if you’re attending multiple events. Bring an extra set of clothes in case you get tired or want to freshen up before returning home.

Maintaining good hygiene at a techno rave is essential to having an enjoyable experience. Port-a-potties may not always be clean at these parties, so be prepared with some hand sanitizer before arriving.

Another essential tip is to show respect to the DJs and promoters who work tirelessly to make the night a success. This means not bringing cameras with you that could distract both yourself and other attendees by documenting what goes on at the event.

Be prepared for the inevitable crowds, since you’ll be spending a lot of time in the same place as others. So it’s wise to bring along some extra friends with you so that everyone has someone to laugh and hang out with. This way, you can make the most out of the experience as there will be someone special to spend quality time with.