Steve Aoki Rave

Steve Aoki Rave

Steve Aoki, one of EDM’s biggest names, joined MDLBEAST Records for the release of their latest hit single. Aurora boasts a dark house sound that promises to get dance floors rocking.

Aoki, the founder of his label Dim Mak, has built a career on an unyielding DIY work ethic. With over 250 tour dates annually, Aoki has earned himself the respect of many top DJs in the industry.

1. BIB

BIB is an Omaha, Nebraska-based hardcore punk band known for their wall of noise sounds like sonic bombs. Their songs range from massive riffs to childish shrill barks, grunts, and pressure-relieving singing. Their “everything louder than everything else” approach can be heard on this compilation LP with squirmy effected vocals mixing quick full chord riffs with crushing breakdowns.

Led Bib’s sound is reminiscent of Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, and other bands that combine folk-tinged melodies with harsher, more distorted elements. This musical approach has been developed on each album by guitarist Holub while drawing influence from other members.

The band’s most recent album, “Atom Stories,” follows a similar narrative arc with pieces that blend soft, delicately voiced lyrics with atmospheric miniatures and spacey electronic sounds. The album concludes with the elegiac “Set Sail,” featuring Fortnam’s acoustic guitar and delicate vocals against wispy electronics.

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2. Like It Like That (feat. Spyro & MYLKI)

Steve Aoki’s latest EP, 6OKI – Rave Royale, showcases the diverse sounds and uplifting energy he brings to the dance/hardstyle genre. Featuring six hard dance/hardstyle anthems featuring some of the top collaborations in music, such as Timmy Trumpet, k?d, Gammer, Brennan Heart, Ben Nicky, and Hasse de Moor, from pulsing low-ends and drilling synths to eccentric percussion, invigorating wubs, powerful melodies and even an updated Pulp Fiction guitar riff–this EP will remain a staple in your DJ sets for years to come!

This EP follows on the heels of his previous 40KI EP, which focused on club-focused house music, and 50KI, which concentrated on big-room electro sounds. While this isn’t the first time Aoki has paid homage to his festival and club roots, it is undoubtedly one of his most exciting releases from the acclaimed producer/DJ. This EP is essential for music industry fans of all ages and genres and is a perfect way to commemorate Aoki’s continued progression as an industry icon.

3. Incoming

Steve Aoki is renowned as one of the world’s busiest DJs. Aside from spinning records and hitting the dance floor, he also runs his record label and enjoys playing chess.

Despite this, he has crafted music that transcends his youth’s typical club and festival sounds. The 6OKI – Rave Royale EP is proof of this dedication; it includes six hard-hitting collaborations featuring Timmy Trumpet, k?d, Gammer, Brennan Heart, Ben Nicky, and Hasse de Moor.

He draws inspiration from his early days in the DJ booth, mixing an up-tempo blend of house and techno with an appreciation for melody. The result is an inspiring collection of tracks that’ll have you sweating on the dance floor or shouting joyfully when played back home.

The EP features the title track – a futuristic-sounding tune that will have you tapping to its captivating beats. Plus, this track marks the first to feature a hologram, allowing you to visualize the song in your mind before listening.

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4. Mind Control

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5. Close to You (feat. PollyAnna)

Close to You is a stirring love song written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David that was originally recorded by Richard Chamberlain in 1963. Since then, numerous artists have covered it.

Dionne Warwick and Dusty Springfield recorded the song, but it wasn’t popular until The Carpenters covered it in 1970. Not only was their rendition certified gold shortly after release, but they also became the first group to make a hit out of it.

“Close to You” has become a timeless pop music classic covered by numerous artists such as The Cranberries and Cantonese singer Karen Mok. It remains one of the most beloved hits ever recorded.

In addition, this touching song has been featured in several movies and TV shows as a moving tribute. It’s also often used at funerals or dedications to loved ones.

‘Close to You’ lyrics are short and sweet, making it an ideal choice for a love song. Additionally, it would make an excellent soundtrack or background music for any movie or show.

“Close to You” is an enchanting song that will have you singing along and feeling good within moments. Unfortunately, the album is filled with filler, but it’s worth listening to for its infectious beat and good vibrations.

6. Tarantino (feat. STARX)

Steve Aoki has been busy this year, releasing several high-profile singles, including his latest ‘Neon Future IV album. To show his fans he’s not content with making great music, Aoki has put together the ‘Rave Royale’ EP featuring six powerful hard dance/hardstyle anthems.

Steve Aoki’s 6OKI – Rave Royale EP is essential for bass heads everywhere. Featuring six epic collaborations, Aoki calls on Timmy Trumpet, k?d, Gammer, Brennan Heart, Ben Nicky, and Hasse de Moor to give each track its epic feel. From the low driving ends of “BIB” to the shimmering synths on “Like It Like That (featuring Spyro & MYLKI), eccentric percussion throughout “Incoming,” invigorating wubs on “Mind Control,” to Pulp Fiction’s iconic guitar riff on “Tarantino,” each track offers something special with plenty of styles!

The track that stands out as the leading contender for “Rave Royale” is “Tarantino,” featuring bold horns and psytrance-influenced sounds. Even more remarkable is that this track is the opening theme to an ongoing video-based narrative where each team of six competes to win the coveted “Rave Royale” title. Produced by Steve Aoki, this song can be downloaded now on Dim Mak Records.