Slander Rave

Slander Rave

Slander is a Los Angeles-based duo that blends futuristic future bass with energetic house and airy alternative music in both their music and live shows. They have quickly become one of the world’s most beloved dance music acts with two RIAA Gold Certifications under their belts.

They are currently on tour in support of their debut album Thrive, due out September 22nd. Read on to discover more about their plans for 2019 and how you can catch them live!

Thrive Album

After an impressive run of singles, slander rave is finally ready to release their debut album Thrive. Already the electronic duo has proven that they are one of the best electronic acts around, releasing massive bass drops paired with poignant lyrics.

Thrive is a 10-track album which tells an epic love story. It includes their singles “Love Is Gone,” which has become their most streamed track, and “Walk On Water,” a collaboration with UK singer RORY. Additionally, there’s “Halfway Down,” featuring Ashley Drake, and “Nothing Hurts Like Goodbye,” featuring Kiiara on bass guitar.

For this release, the duo collaborated with visual artist Roboto to craft a series of space-scapes that help define the album. The music is an eclectic blend of forward thinking future bass, energetic house music and airy alternative styles.

Though not their first foray away from melodic bass music, Thrive is certainly their most complex to date and definitely worth checking out – especially tracks ‘Before Dawn’ and ‘Second Life’ which feature both melodics and techno elements to create an intriguing listen.

On September 22nd, Slander rave will release their album Thrive and kickstart a tour to support it. Featured artists on the tour include WOOLI, EPTIC, Space Laces, Au5, HOL!, Leotrix, Wavedash, A Hundred Drums, Black Carl! & Sara, Nitepunk and more for your listening enjoyment!