Santiago Plurad

Santiago Plurad

Santiago plurad is a board-certified pediatrician in the Saint Louis, Missouri area who specializes in primary care for children and teens.

He is affiliated with SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Hospital and currently accepting new patients. To book an appointment, please call the number provided on his profile page. Thank you!


When selecting a doctor for yourself or your family, board-certification may be the first thing that comes to mind. If you require expertise in an area such as pediatrics or cosmetic surgery, board-certification can be a major factor in making an informed decision.

Some physicians feel that having board certification can help to build their reputation and gain patients’ trust in their skillset. Ultimately, whether pursuing board-certification is beneficial depends on each physician’s individual career objectives and desired outcome.

Board-certified physicians are physicians who have met the requirements to be recognized by a particular specialty medical board. This typically occurs through passing an examination – either written or practical – that tests their knowledge and skill in that specialty.

Board certification exists to guarantee physicians have achieved the highest level of knowledge and skill in their specialty area. Many boards now utilize a two-part examination format that tests both basic knowledge and its application to clinical practice. While some specialties still use traditional written exams, others have moved towards more practical assessments using animatronic human patient simulators.

ABMS Member Boards create continuing certification programs that physicians and specialists must meet in order to remain board-certified. These initiatives consist of self-assessment, Continuing Medical Education (CME), and other practice relevant activities. The continuing certification process is intended to help professionals stay abreast of their peers in the health care industry while keeping them competitive.

One major concern with continuing board certification is its time-consuming nature. This may inhibit physicians’ capacity to stay abreast of new developments in their field and utilize cutting-edge techniques specific to their area of specialty.


Santiago Plurad is not only a doctor, but an expert pediatrician as well, making him the perfect person to ensure your children and teens remain healthy and contented. Pediatric medicine is a highly specialized field, and an experienced practitioner will ensure your children stay on track from birth through teenhood. This is especially true for pediatricians with children at highest risk for illness or injury. For instance, a child suffering from asthma may not be able to lead an active lifestyle and would benefit from more focused care. A pediatrician equipped with research & technology can prevent disease before it takes hold and offer personal attention among their ranks. The best part of finding such healthcare providers is how personalized their attention will be.

Family Medicine

Family medicine is a medical specialty that provides comprehensive healthcare to individuals and families of all ages and genders. It emphasizes the holistic approach to healthcare and patient involvement in illness treatment. Furthermore, this field emphasizes continuity of care throughout one’s lifetime.

Family physicians specialize in treating patients of all ages and conditions. They receive extensive training beyond medical school, such as an internship in family medicine followed by fellowships.

Doctors typically work in outpatient clinics and hospitals, although some may also make house calls or offer services online. As the first line of defense for many common illnesses, they have the capacity to diagnose and treat more complex conditions while referring patients to specialists when necessary.

Doctors typically choose this career because they are passionate about primary care and want to treat all people regardless of age or condition. They appreciate the flexible nature of working in family medicine and get to build lasting relationships with patients and their families.

Doctors interested in this specialty typically graduate from accredited medical schools such as the Medical University of the Americas (MUA). To be eligible, they must pass the United States Medical Licensing Exam and complete four years of study before becoming certified to practice family medicine.

Physicians in this specialty may work as part of a team of other family medicine physicians or in their own private practices. Common settings they find themselves working in include hospital emergency departments and urgent care centers.

They specialize in treating patients with various ailments and providing testing, from blood work to COVID-19 screenings. Furthermore, they manage chronic diseases and conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

South Texas Family Medicine and Urgent Care Center in San Antonio, TX is dedicated to offering comprehensive healthcare to their patients. They provide in-person, telemedicine, and remote appointments with a team that takes time to get to know each individual.