Rave Plur

House of Plur

PLUR (Peace Love Unity Respect) is the mantra of the rave community, embodying their desire for a safe and inclusive culture. This behavior and ethical guide was born out of this desire to ensure all individuals feel included.

At raves, PLUR is often said out loud; however, it also represents an attitude that permeates both the dancefloor and ravers’ everyday lives. Here’s what it means, how to say it and why it’s essential for remembering.

What is PLUR?

The term PLUR, meaning Peace, Love, Unity and Respect, is a cornerstone of rave culture. All ravers are expected to adhere to its principles – even those who may not agree with them entirely.

It is a behavioral and ethical guide designed to safeguard ravers from harm, while encouraging them to show respect for others at all times. Founded by New York DJ Frankie Bones in 1990 as the “Peace Love Unity Movement,” it added “R” for Respect three years later after an altercation occurred at a warehouse rave (Kavanaugh and Anderson 2008).

Ravers live by PLUR in many ways. Generally, they embrace a positive outlook and assist those in need. Furthermore, they are willing to share their stories and inspire others with their insights.

They strive to ensure everyone has a positive experience, including those struggling with mental health or addiction issues. Furthermore, they aim to promote an atmosphere free from judgment where people can enjoy themselves without fear of reprisal from other attendees.

Ravers spread PLUR through gestures such as the PLUR handshake. This simple greeting allows them to greet one another and exchange pieces of kandi (beaded bracelets with messages or symbolism), which are beaded bracelets adorned with messages or other charms.

Another way ravers express PLUR is through music. They typically listen to upbeat, inspirational songs without lyrics – these are known as PLUR friendly tunes and considered safe for all ages.

PLUR provides a platform for ravers to connect with their community and feel a sense of belonging. It’s essential for ravers to recognize they are not alone in their struggles; they can always turn to other members of the rave scene for support, especially those struggling with mental health or addiction issues or newcomers entering into the scene. PLUR serves as an outlet for creativity as well as providing practical information.

How do ravers live by PLUR?

Ravers are people from all backgrounds who come together to enjoy music and dance. This community stands out due to the psychedelic effects of music combined with a feeling of peace and unity. Furthermore, Ravers offer an environment in which everyone can be themselves while expressing individuality.

Many people who are unaware of rave culture or its subculture often associate it with nightclubs, outfits that wouldn’t be seen in public, music that sounds like beeps and boops at a garbage disposal, and illicit drug use (Laughinghouse & Owen 2011). It is essential for people to understand that this community has developed ideals referred to as PLUR (Politico Legal Urban Rioter) which they must live by in order to be successful raver.

PLUR stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect – the motto that all ravers must live by at all times and serves as an ethical guideline.

The PLUR motto was created in 1990 by New York DJ Frankie Bones. Initially using the acronym PLUM, he added “Respect” after a fight broke out at a warehouse rave.

Ravers around the world use PLUR as their personal motto or credo that they adhere to at all times. Some may add extra letters to this phrase to demonstrate their devotion to its philosophy; for instance, some feel it should be expanded to encompass virtues like Responsibility, Kindness, or even Honor.

Ravers who follow PLUR ensure their safety at all times and are willing to assist those in need. For instance, if you spot someone crying or sick at the rave, try your best to comfort them and ensure they’re okay.

Ravers who follow PLUR often display compassion, as they are often willing to give drugs to friends who request them. Additionally, they understand the potential risks and side effects associated with certain drugs like ecstasy.

How do ravers express PLUR?

Ravers around the world express PLUR in various ways. One popular practice is trading of kandi bracelets – handcrafted beaded bracelets with encouraging or humorous messages written on them. This ancient PLUR custom has become a longstanding PLUR tradition and an ideal way to spread love in real time!

Another way to express PLUR is by wearing revealing outfits while at a rave. This can be an enjoyable and unique experience for people who wish to break free of social codes, be comfortable, and have an enjoyable time.

Many ravers wear PLUR tee-shirts or hoodies as a way of showing others they share the PLUR philosophy and have positive vibes! It is essential to remember that the PLUR mantra not only aims at spreading positive energy among those you are with, but it also conveys an attitude of respect toward all individuals.

Finally, ravers often do a PLUR handshake before exchanging their kandi bracelets. This powerful ritual has the capacity to open hearts and alter consciousness levels within seconds.

The PLUR handshake is a symbol of opening your heart to love and respect for other people. It’s an easy gesture that anyone can give, regardless of gender or nationality.

When performing the PLUR handshake, each person must first make a Peace sign and connect their fingers together. Afterward, they can slide their kandi bracelet down their wrist and slide it over onto the other person’s clasped arm.

Finally, if the kandi is not of the same color as theirs, both parties should say “Peace Love Unity Respect”. This serves to demonstrate respect and spread the PLUR mantra while creating a stronger connection.

PLUR is an incredibly influential mantra, spreading like wildfire throughout rave culture. While not everyone in society may be aware of PLUR, it should still be celebrated and strived for as an ideal. Doing so will bring our societies closer to embracing PLUR ideals such as peace, love, unity and respect.

How do ravers spread PLUR?

Ravers have an innovative way of spreading PLUR. At raves, they use kandi bracelets, perler beads and other fun items to demonstrate the values of PLUR to others.

PLUR stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect and sets behavioral and ethical guidelines to promote a safe environment during raves. Its principles include showing love to attendees, abstaining from fighting, and ensuring everyone’s safety during events.

Showing ravers that you care about them and want them to have an amazing experience at the event is a way of showing that. Additionally, it helps ravers remember their experience so they can pass it along to others who may not have had as many chances at attending a rave as they had.

Frankie Bones created PLUR in the 90s as his Peace Love Unity Movement (PLUM). This notion was further cemented after a fight broke out during a warehouse rave, leading to it becoming known by ravers worldwide with an “R” for Respect added.

Each letter of PLUR pairs with a specific hand movement to form an elegant handshake. When two people stand face-to-face, the first person extends their arm in greeting, making a peace sign with their hands and touching their pointer and middle fingers together. They then make half hearts with their hands before touching them together for full hearts; next they touch palms together which symbolizes unity; finally they interlock their fingers to signify respect.

Ravers often spread PLUR through trading kandi bracelets. These handmade creations feature vibrant beads and letters, often embellished with kind or humorous messages.

Trades can be exchanged for a piece of candy or given away. They’re an excellent way to meet new people and create lasting memories.

The ritual is an enjoyable and meaningful way to express PLUR in the moment. It has become a longstanding tradition within the rave community, providing ravers with an opportunity to get acquainted.