Rave in the Grave

Rave in the Grave, a humorous sequel to Return of the Living Dead, follows a group of friends as they create a drug to turn people into zombies – but its effects prove far more lethal than expected.

As the party continues, a plane is called in to bomb the event and only Julian and Jenny survive. Unfortunately, Jeremy also perishes in the blast but Aldo and Gino come out unscathed.


On campus, a college student creates and sells “Z” – a drug which revives the living dead. They cause havoc at a Halloween rave.

Music-wise, AronChupa featuring Little Sis Nora’s song “Rave in the Grave” is an absolute classic. With over 2 million YouTube views and an enchanting video to accompany it, this track truly is something special to behold.

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Return of the Living Dead and its first sequel were enjoyable if somewhat inept attempts to add punk touches to George A. Romero’s classic zombie concept, though their low-budget execution felt somewhat dated.

The fourth installment, Necropolis, was darker and more boring than its predecessor. Rave to the Grave returns the franchise back to its teenage zombies & subculture setting through a drug made from Trioxin (the same substance that killed Hybra Tech employees in Necropolis), turning ecstasy users into zombies when they smoke it; making this installment one of the more intriguing entries in the franchise.

Tarman (John Keefe) and Skeet (Catalin Parschiv) have come to buy some canisters of Trioxin from Uncle Charles (Peter Coyote), who is now selling them off. To test whether this drug really works, they decide to visit a mortuary and try it out.

In the mortuary, they accidentally revive three corpses instead of just one and are tragically lost. This sets up an exciting new journey as Tarman and his gang attempt to go on a rave using the drug that turned them into zombies in the first place!

This entry in the series is surprisingly good, especially considering it was shot outside the US in Romania and Ukraine. The gore is more vibrant, the body count higher, and the comedy more broad than Necropolis did. If you can’t get enough zombie action then this might be your ideal movie! However if you’re searching for something more cerebral or snarky then look elsewhere.


For the latest dance music, look no further than rave in the grave’s remixes. This catchy tune has a springy polka-like melody that might not be as catchy as its video counterpart, but still manages to get your heart racing. The lyrics are straightforward and it makes you want to dance!

Though “Rave in the Grave” may not have achieved quite the same fame as AronChupa and Little Sis Nora’s 2014 hit “I’m an Albatraoz,” it remains one of the most intriguing songs of 2015. With its eccentric visuals, a thrilling countdown, and a catchy mumbled jingle that incorporates several popular words in music, this single has already reached number one on the charts in Poland, Slovakia, and Norway. Incredibly, the video for “Rave in the Grave” has been viewed more than one billion times – an amazing feat considering it doesn’t feature any celebrity stars or glitzy sets. Furthermore, RTTG’s video also boasts other remarkable elements such as having the world’s largest speaker stack, fog machine creating a strobe effect, and mirror that allows viewers to view their own handwriting!


“Rave in the Grave” is an EDM song that has seen massive streaming success throughout Europe. It was created by AronChupa and Little Sis Nora, who achieved huge success with their 2014 hit single, “I’m an Albatroz.” The video for this track has been viewed over 1 billion times on YouTube alone.

Lyrics are straightforward, but a bit off-kilter. The chorus features an amalgam of EDM voices screaming “RAVE IN THE GRAVE,” repeatedly. Additionally, there’s a lovely springy polka-like melody that weaves its way in over an unsettling drumbeat.

This song has become the subject of a recent viral Twitter thread. The oddball tune seems to have become something of an cult favorite among listeners; one Polish man told me they’ve heard it on the radio multiple times daily, while streaming statistics show this song also reached #1 on charts in Slovakia and Norway.

This routine takes place in a mausoleum, with “Grandma” painted on the front door frame and “DJ RIP” etched into its tombstone. Throughout most of it, you can see the ghost of a grandmother using the turntable as she sings. Additionally, there’s plenty of dancing with cobblestone tiles that flash to the beat of the song.