Rave Family

Rave Family

The Rave family is an organized collective of music enthusiasts passionate about one genre or another. They have formed a supportive and cohesive unit through regular gatherings and their shared love of loud, cochlear decibels at dance festivals.

The members of this collection come from diverse backgrounds and have varied interests, yet one thing unites them all – music appreciation. Their rave family is a source of strength, motivation, and joy for them throughout their journey.

They’re your go-to people.

Rave family is an umbrella term for those with a close connection to music and dance. They come together for various reasons, but all share an enthusiasm for enjoying themselves while dancing along to their favorite tunes. Although not related by blood, these individuals are bound together by their shared appreciation of quality music and their devotion to supporting one another throughout tough times.

They’re your go-to people for everything rave. They know where and when to go for a particular set and are always available no matter what happens. Plus, they know all the hot spots, hidden bars, and places where you can find the ideal kandi.

The originals in the family are those who have been with us from day one. They scout out new artists, score tickets for you, and go above and beyond to ensure you enjoy an entire weekend of music. When needed, these OGs will cheer you on or hug you to ensure everything runs smoothly – whatever it may be! They guarantee you a fantastic time no matter what!

It’s not uncommon for members of a rave family to share the same stage at an event, creating even closer bonds than they might otherwise have. This can be an excellent opportunity for your fam to get acquainted with your favorite artists and stay informed on each other’s schedules.

However, they can also be a significant detriment to the actual music. A few weeks before Rave Family’s first festival, they experienced an influx of trolls on their Discord channel – a popular gaming chat app notorious for promoting inflammatory content. Their team spent five hours trying to resolve this issue but ultimately had no choice but to shut down operations altogether.

Tiana Leeds (MA, LMFT), a licensed marriage and family therapist, states that you can identify a fake friend in your rave circle when they begin acting less like family and more like relationships of convenience. She might only be present when you feel good or ask for assistance, then disappear when they don’t need you anymore.

They’re your cheerleaders.

One of the most significant advantages of cheerleading is that you make lifelong friendships. Whether you’re on an all-star team or high school squad, never feel alone for long. Even when practice, games, and social events don’t happen as planned, your teammates are there for support – making having a close-knit group beneficial to all involved. So next time you feel like celebrating something special with some brew, remember to toast your squad – you won’t regret it!

They’re your friends.

Your rave family is the people you rely on to share your best dance moves, encourage you, and ensure you stay covered in glow-in-the-dark paint. They can help you plan your next big adventure and remind you of all the beautiful times you had at a rave. Most importantly, these people know when it’s time for a break, offer assistance, or listen. They truly become part of your family!

No matter the venue, you’ll stumble across at least a few hidden gems in any setting. Some groups can grow quite large – up to hundreds of friends! The great thing about these clubs is they are generally accommodating regarding what they do together and how they define fun.

Tiana Leeds (MA, LMFT), a licensed marriage and family therapist, notes several familiar rave fam members: the mom, Kandi or light show enthusiast, and the wise one. This latter designation refers to how many ravers have young kids or significant others who also come along for enjoyment at festivals or shows.

Ravers celebrate their greatest successes with a “RAVE MUSEM OMEMR MOVESS” category to recognize and reward these groups’ most impressive technological and scientific accomplishments. If you can identify any of these accomplishments related to rave music, it will give you an even richer listening experience.

They’re your family.

Rave music can be an intense experience, but with the right people around you, it can also be exhilarating. Whether at a festival with thousands of other fans, dancing on the dance floor with your favorite DJ, or relaxing at home listening to mixtapes you’ve been obsessed with for weeks, being surrounded by people who share your enthusiasm is like having an extra family.

Finding a rave family when you’re new to the scene can be tricky, but they become yours for life once you do. They become the ones you call when needing support or just someone to laugh with after days of partying together. They become your go-to people for everything – from venting and crying sessions to laughing together during multiple days at the festival!

Rave families can be broadly defined, but the common denominator is that they’re friends who have come together through music and enjoy spending time together at shows or other social gatherings. It isn’t unusual for this collective to decide on a name and even assign roles to members – similar to how some biological families have last names.

The rave family is full of people who genuinely care about each other and are willing to lend a helping hand when necessary. However, differentiating between genuine and fake friends can be challenging. According to Tiana Leeds (MA, LMFT), a licensed marriage and family therapist, counterfeit friends only come around when it’s convenient for them or when you’re having a great day. They may try to disguise their true intentions by speaking well of others in your rave family; however, this usually indicates they aren’t true friends.