John and Alexander founded Plurimos to assist consumers reduce debt, maximize rewards, boost credit scores and manage the process seamlessly. Their mission is to double the average cash back reward received by users.

Their mission is rooted in the Gospel, and they demonstrate their devotion through educational institutions, social assistance programs, and charitable aid. This commitment to service is widely recognized and appreciated by those whom they impact.

2. They are a family

John and Alexander are a husband-and-wife team who created Plurimos, an app that helps consumers reduce debt, maximize rewards, boost credit scores and manage their financial health in one system. As members of the Entrepreneurship Learning Community, they will be competing at Elevate Nexus PreSeed Regional Competition in Indianapolis on November 17th with hopes to build the platform to be successful and expand their company in the future. John plans on filing for a provisional patent for their product which they hope to file by 2020; additionally they are looking to raise funding in order to expand their startup.

3. They are a company

Plurimos is a company run by two students in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program. They’ve created an automated system that rewards consumers for spending, minimizes debt and boosts credit scores – all through one convenient interface. John and Alexander started Plurimos to save people money and improve lives; they’re excited to share their journey with you and encourage other to start businesses of their own!