Plur Urban Dictionary

Plur Urban Dictionary

PLUR (Peace Love Unity Respect) is the mantra of rave and Electronic Dance Music culture. It emphasizes that people should not harm others, accept people for who they are, and show respect to all members of the rave community.

Frankie Bones of New York fame coined this phrase in the 1990s when he interrupted a warehouse party to emphasize how essential respect is for ravers. By adding “R” to PLUR, it quickly became an iconic acronym.


Dirty is a term that denotes something unclean or degraded, such as grease on pans, dirty shoes, smelly dogs, strange uncle jokes and even dirty bombs.

The adjective “dirty” is often used to denote a job involving dirt or grime, such as “he was always a dirty old man.” Dirty work also signifies something not done correctly, such as neglecting to maintain an apartment complex or working for an unscrupulous company.

Synonyms for dirty include filthy, foul, squalid and sordid. The best dirty joke was likely the one that got away, as it was humorous yet sexual at once.

Dirty is a word commonly used when showing off something that attracts attention and impresses others, such as jewelry or television screens. Dirty also often connotes small items that do the work of several larger ones.


Urban Dictionary defines an atheist as “an individual who does not subscribe to religion, particularly theism.”

Atheism is a belief system that rejects all spiritual or religious ideas. This belief system extends beyond specific systems of thought; it rejects religions across the board, from Judaism and Christianity to African traditions such as Dinka and Nuer.

Some atheists assert that religious beliefs are authoritarian and dogmatic, leading to violence and death. They point to historical events such as the Crusades, inquisitions and witch trials for evidence of this assertion.

Though some atheists may have a personal relationship with god, most hold that there is no afterlife and humans must take responsibility for their own wellbeing. Furthermore, they don’t believe religion has any significant positive or negative effect on humanity, and prayer is generally unhelpful.

Epicurus (c. 300 BCE), one of the foremost thinkers in atheism, advocated a materialistic outlook and believed that gods were uninterested in human affairs.

Atheism can take many forms, from implicit to explicit. Implicit atheism refers to a rejection of theism without active belief that there is no god; conversely, explicit atheism involves conscious rejection of theism.

However, the exact definition of atheism remains elusive. Smith coined the terms implicit and explicit atheism to avoid confusion, asserting that people could be classified as atheists if they rejected all theism but not all supernatural or transcendent phenomena. This special issue of Sophia seeks to illuminate, celebrate and understand a diversity of atheisms both inside and outside Europe’s Eurocentric framework.


The atmosphere is composed of gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and argon that naturally occur in the atmosphere. These essential gases support life by providing a shield from heat radiation.

The atmosphere consists of two layers: the stratosphere and troposphere. The troposphere, located at the lowest point on Earth, contains about 90% of our atmosphere – as well as where most of our weather occurs.

Atmospheric conditions are determined by temperature, pressure and humidity. These elements mix gases together in the atmosphere, leading to turbulence in the atmosphere.

Airborne gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide provide energy to living things and enable other activities. Not only that, but these same gases act as a blanket to retain heat in outer space by trapping it there.

Argon is another essential gas, used in light bulbs and double-paned windows. Additionally, it preserves ancient artifacts.

The word atmospheric comes from the Latin spirus, meaning “wind.” Atmospheric storms are common around the world and can create a smog-like effect which may pose risks to travelers.

A related term is atmospheric corrosion, which describes the corrosive action of air on metals. This can be due to particle movement or changes in pressure.

The acronym PLUR stands for Peace Love Unity Respect, a core value of rave culture that has been widely adopted since the 1990s and seen on nightclub flyers and club memorabilia alike. DJs use it as an expression of their devotion to both their music and guests at their events.


Attainable is an inspiring acronym that simply means: achievable. This noun and verb translation translates to “to be able to accomplish something” with realistic expectations in both time and budget constraints. Achievable goals give us a feeling of accomplishment as well as overall well-being; these types of accomplishments can happen for everyone regardless of age, financial state or educational background – plus it’s free! Attainable offers us hope, determination and opportunities – no matter who we are or what level we’re at!

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Atermoyer (or atermoy) is a verb meaning to reach. It belongs to the group of verbs with an i before the silent e.

The word atermoyer was first recorded in 1609 and derives from the verb attermoyement, derived from Latin ad “to come or arrive”, and rive “to run.” This verb can be found in multiple languages including French, Spanish and Italian.

Google Books defines attermoyement as “an action that can be undertaken or planned, usually with sufficient effort and time.” This definition closely mirrors the modern English term attainable.

It has a variety of meanings, depending on the context. For instance, it can mean “a person who can achieve something or has done something,” an expression often employed in advertising. Additionally, the term may refer to an accessible location or event such as an airport or concert.

Another sense of atermoiement is a “delai granted to a debtor by its creators.” This practice in commerce is commonly referred to as an atermoyer.

Atermoyer is an informal word, so it may be difficult to remember its exact meaning. This definition should provide you with some background on the term.

The word atermoyer is often confused with attainable, which can be difficult to decipher due to its various meanings.

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