Plur Perler

Plur Perler

Perler beads are an affordable and straightforward way to create fun crafts. You can arrange them into any shape or pattern you desire.

PLUR is an acronym that stands for peace, love, unity and respect. It’s a popular expression within the rave scene and an effective way to show your support for your favorite artists.

It’s easy to make

Making plur perler beads can be done a few ways, but the most straightforward and efficient option is to purchase premade patterns. These are easily found online or at local craft stores and usually come in various shapes and sizes. Alternatively, you could take creative liberties by creating your own patterns with perler beads. To add an extra touch to your perler necklace design, consider adding rhinestones or glitter; just remember to use a small amount of glue so the beads stay put!

Another fun way to show PLUR is by creating Kandi bracelets from pony beads and letters. These inexpensive creations often contain kind or humorous messages, making them a great reminder of PLUR in the moment. Trading Kandi with friends at raves can also be an enjoyable way to show support for the rave community! Who knows, you might even get lucky enough to receive a custom piece when trading!

It’s fun

Perler beads are an enjoyable craft and great way to entertain friends. What’s even better, is they’re easy to customize and can be used in so many different ways – whether you’re making a cake or scooping out an ice cream cone – there are tons of creative ways to make these beads look fantastic!

Once you’ve created your design, the next step is to fuse the beads together. For this, you’ll need iron paper (also known as parchment or wax paper) and a hot iron. Place the paper over your beads and use the iron until their holes close up but are still not completely solid; this may take several minutes but is well worth waiting for! Alternatively, you could fuse only one side of your beads with the hot iron for an interesting texture on your project – great fun for kids as they get to create lots of different shapes with their beads!

It’s cheap

PLUR stands for peace, love, unity and respect – themes often featured in rave culture. To spread this message through perlers or other items like cuffs and key chains, some people craft them from scratch while others purchase pre-made designs from craft stores. No matter your style is, making your own PLUR perler is easy with just three items you can find at most craft stores: a pegboard, parchment paper (ironing paper) and dry iron. Heat the iron to medium setting then run it over your beads on the pegboard for about 10 seconds until they stick together.

It’s reusable

It’s essential to remember that perler beads are reusable, provided you know how to clean them! Some people enjoy picking their colors as they go, while others count out exactly how many beads are necessary for a project. No matter which way you go about it, creating plur perler is one of the funniest ways to promote PLUR in our rave community! It serves to demonstrate Peace, Love, Unity and Respect!