Plur Package

Plur Package

PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity Respect) is an acronym popularized among ravers by New York DJ Frankie Bones. The values that underpin PLUR form an integral part of rave culture.

Are you searching for a fun way to make someone’s day and give them some essentials, consider sending them a PLUR package! There are so many adorable items you can include in this care package that will surely bring smiles from ear-to-ear!

1. Kandi Bracelets

Kandi bracelets, also known as friendship bracelets, are a pillar of the rave scene and often worn by attendees to festivals. These charms allow revelers to exchange and swap them during events.

It has been a tradition in electronic dance music for 30 years, designed to create an unforgettable event and promote PLUR (peace, love, unity and respect) within its community.

Kandi cuff bracelets are usually constructed using plastic pony beads and can be stacked or stitched together into a cuff. Kandi cuffs require more skill and patience to craft than regular bracelets; some take hours to complete!

If you’re new to making kandi bracelets, start by selecting your beads and setting up the string. Choose a pattern and repeat it on the string, or add an extra bead to each row for visual interest.

Choose from an array of colors and styles to suit your mood or personal aesthetic. Plus, don’t forget about the glow-in-the-dark beads for a festive touch!

Create a full image with your kandi bracelet by choosing patterns that complement each other. Some are simple and geometric while others boast detailed designs sure to turn heads wherever you go.

For a more dramatic style, create a cuff with several bracelets stacked atop each other. While this project requires some patience and time, the outcome will be worth it for the visual impact it adds to your outfit.

Many people opt to make kandi bracelets as an expressive and vibrant way to show their individual style. You can show off your favorite colors, school colors, or even support your favorite sports team with these vibrant accessories!

Kandi bracelets are an excellent way to build relationships and spark conversations. Plus, you can use them as mementos from special events.

If you’re interested in exploring the kandi bracelet scene, head over to your local craft store and explore their selection of beads. Popular styles include star, heart and glow-in-the-dark beads. Alternatively, create a 3D kandi cuff by threading multiple strands together for an attractive weave that won’t slip off your wrist.

2. Fanny Packs or Backpacks

Fanny packs or backpacks are an ideal way to transport small essentials around town. They distribute the weight more evenly, relieving you of back pain and fatigue that come from carrying heavy shoulder bags or handbags for extended periods.

Fanny packs are lightweight and easy to transport, making them a great option for travel. Furthermore, since they usually count as one of your carry-on items, most airlines allow free check-in.

Fanny packs can be worn around your waist, resting on your lower abdomen; or as a crossbody bag looped over one shoulder and around another side. This style is popular at concerts or festivals when you want to keep your hands free for dancing.

For hikers looking for a fanny pack that can hold an ample water bottle, the Patagonia Black Hole is an ideal option. It has elastic pockets that expand to accommodate various water bottles and shrink away when not in use. While not ideal for heavy loads, this fanny pack works great on day hikes.

For a smaller, more casual fanny pack, we recommend the Jansport Fifth Avenue. Crafted with ripstop nylon, it’s tough and durable enough for all-day adventures without being too bulky or uncomfortable to wear.

This bag’s front zippered pocket is large and secure, allowing you to conveniently stow your phone when needed. Furthermore, there is a hidden back pocket that you can use for important items like passports or credit cards.

When traveling with kids, fanny packs are an ideal choice to keep essentials close by. Many are designed with toddlers in mind and can easily be converted to a backpack by adding an extension belt strap.

Some fanny packs, like the Patagonia Black Hole, are designed to be worn around your waist or hips like a lumbar pack. This helps distribute weight more evenly throughout your body and reduce stress on shoulders – an issue for kids with arthritis or fibromyalgia.

3. Memories

People in the rave scene often create mementos to share with other friends. These can range from perlers and cuffs, or any other item they know will bring joy to others. These tokens of affection are an integral part of PLUR culture and serve as a great way to spread PLUR love and unity during special moments!

One popular memento among ravers is a Kandi Bracelet. These bracelets are usually handmade and include an inspirational message. Not only are they inexpensive yet meaningful gifts that can brighten someone’s day, but new ravers may want to send one as well to get into the party spirit and encourage them to share PLUR with their PLUR family!

The PLUR package also contains a selection of mementos meant to be shared with others. These can include photo reminiscence books, kandi bracelets or love notes – perfect either for yourself or as a present! Regardless of whether it’s just to show someone how much you care or as a gift, these mementos will serve as reminders of all the amazing times spent together!

Another popular memento among ravegoers are PLUR wristbands. These bracelets are composed of round pony beads with messages printed on them and usually feature vibrant colors and fun designs!

These are an ideal way to show someone you appreciate them and their inspiration for being the best version of yourself. With such a small investment, you can show raver that you value them and help them get into the party mood.

They are an effective way to express compassion and show someone you care. If you know of anyone who recently lost a loved one or needs extra support, these cards are an ideal way to show your affection and send them positive vibes!

If you have a friend going through an especially trying time or needs something to get them through the day, sending them a PLUR package can make their day better and remind them that they’re not alone!

4. Love Notes

PLUR has its share of superstars, but it’s not all about them. Receiving a swag worthy hand from another raver can be truly rewarding – this goes for friends, family and even enemies! Most importantly though, being an awesome raver gives you the satisfaction of knowing everyone gets their due share! Keeping track of new friends is one thing; making sure everyone receives their due reward is another entirely.