Plur Logo

Plur Logo

PLUR, short for Peace Love Unity Respect, is an acronym that symbolizes a spirit prevalent within the rave scene. It’s expected of all attendees regardless of age or location to uphold this credo. Each letter pairs with a motion and people often exchange kandi bracelets at these gatherings to demonstrate their support for friends.


Peace is a concept used to signify social harmony and friendship. It may also refer to campaigns or other initiatives designed to prevent wars or acts of violence.

World peace is one of the most critical objectives in human history, essential for preventing future conflict and its associated death toll. Furthermore, peace between nations, in homes or at work must be achieved for economic development and psychological well-being. Peace can be defined as an atmosphere of harmony and freedom from fear or anxiety – whether that be achieved between nations, at home or at work.

PLUR stands for “Peace Love Unity and Respect,” a longstanding mantra within the rave scene. New York DJ Frankie Bones coined this concept back in the 90s, creating its iconic logo out of round pony beads using round beads.

PLUR also has another iconic name: the “Kandi.” Kandi is an art form in which round pony beads are used to craft necklaces or bracelets with the message of PLUR. It’s an excellent way to spread awareness about PLUR, plus it’s always fun trading them off during raves! The kandi necklace itself is quite cool and meaningful to have displayed proudly.


Love is one of the most essential and valuable things we can give and receive. Without love, we would not be able to develop, adapt and form bonds with each other; nor would we have peace with one another nor could we keep it. That is why love plays such an integral role in the rave community and why it features prominently in PLUR’s logo design.

PLUR, an acronym that stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect, has become the mantra for ravers around the world. Started in 1990 by New York DJ Frankie Bones, it has helped shape rave culture into one of the largest electronic dance music festivals worldwide. Members of this movement participate in special gestures such as handshakes followed by trading Kandi bracelets featuring colorful beads with messages of kindness or humor; perfect if you want to spread some PLUR at a rave!


Unity is a game engine designed to make creating, launching and monetizing games easier and more affordable for indie developers.

Unity engine is composed of object-oriented game objects that can be combined with various visual and physics attributes to generate various gameplay experiences. Furthermore, it offers designers a set of tools for crafting complex worlds and environments.

Unity stands out from other game engines by having a single license that can be shared among multiple users and machines. This means you don’t need to purchase another license every time someone joins your team – making it the ideal solution for shared machines.

Additionally, if you are using Unity Personal’s free version, you will notice a made with Unity splash screen when launching projects in the editor. This mandatory logo serves to boost your game’s pride of ownership and pride of accomplishment.

Displaying your work and increasing brand recognition are great benefits, but it’s essential that you adhere to Unity’s branding guidelines when using this logo.

The Unity logo is a straightforward but powerful icon that features three arrows with curved letters “t” and “y,” all written in black font similar to TipoType’s Trasandina Bold. The protruding lines resemble arrows while the white gaps between them suggest faces of cubes in three-dimensional space.

Unity Technologies was established in 2004 as Over the Edge Entertainment, but their name was changed to Unity Technologies in 2007 when they realized their mission extended beyond video game development alone. Their tools now serve professionals across industries such as military, construction, engineering, architecture, automotive design and film making – providing interactive content for industries like military operations, construction projects, engineering services and architecture designs.

Since then, Unity has evolved into the most popular game engine worldwide. It’s utilized in video games as well as creating virtual reality experiences.

Unity, a highly modular game engine, provides an expansive library of assets to use in your projects. This makes it a great resource for indie developers looking to make their games look more realistic. Furthermore, Unity is used in high-fidelity CG films and other real-time 3D experiences.


Respect is the ability to express your admiration for others without being condescending or rude. It also involves learning about people’s culture and traditions, as well as standing up against discrimination and bigotry in your community.

Respect is the cornerstone of a healthy and happy relationship – whether that be with your significant other, boss at work, or friend next door. In fact, respect is one of the main reasons most couples remain married for life and why marriages last as long as they do.

Respect is a virtue that should be shown to everyone, and the best way to start showing it off is by paying attention to your own body language and manners. Doing this will prevent you from repeating errors, making life simpler for those around you.

One way to show your respect for someone is by being an attentive listener. This is the best way to let them know you are there for them and can be counted on when they need assistance.

Finally, one of the most essential ways to show respect is by expressing gratitude for what you have in life. Not only does this brighten up your day, but it can also boost self-esteem and confidence levels.

Respect is one of life’s greatest advantages, and it makes you a better person. It boosts your self-esteem and confidence in yourself and your abilities – something everyone should strive for throughout their lives.