Plur Kandi Trading

Plur Kandi Trading

Kandi are colorful friendship bracelets commonly traded at raves and other music events. Wearers of these brightly-colored bracelets represent PLUR culture: Peace, Love, Unity and Respect.

At a rave or festival, it can be an especially special way to form bonds with new people and form new friendships. It’s an incredibly beneficial experience that offers many benefits for attendees.

What is Kandi?

Kandi jewelry consists of colorful beads strung together to form bracelets, necklaces, anklets and more. It’s often given away as gifts between raver friends at music festivals and events.

Rave culture is incomplete without it! People wear it as a symbol of PLUR – Peace, Love, Unity and Respect – which unites people around the world and serves to connect people while spreading positive vibes.

Kandi culture has seen a meteoric rise in popularity over the years. Many raver groups have taken to creating these pieces as both an expression of creativity and means to stay connected with other like-minded individuals.

These can range from simple bracelets to intricate masks, bras, and bags – all handmade with a lot of love. Ravers may exchange these creations to show their affection and support for each other.

At a rave, it’s an ideal opportunity to connect with new people and form friendships! Different types of kandi can be found at many music festivals, including those specifically tailored for the rave scene.

One of the most essential rules to remember when giving kandi away is that people may not appreciate it. Some may find kandi demoralizing for electronic dance music fans and so caution should be exercised when sharing it.

Kandis (bracelets) are decorative items made with beads that spell out words or phrases. These bracelets can be crafted out of various materials like plastic, metal and wood; usually bright in color and possess significant meaning.

At the end of a night, it’s common for people to create these bracelets and give them away to other revelers. EDC Las Vegas and other American festivals also host many enthusiasts for these popular accessories.

Kandis are traditionally created by two ravers and then exchange PLUR handshakes – symbolizing peace, love, unity and respect – before sliding the bracelets from one person’s wrist onto the other’s. This moment will remain with them forever as a moment to be treasured forever.

How do I Trade Kandi?

Kandi is a type of jewelry created and traded at raves by raverers, mostly made out of colorful plastic beads. While these can be made from various materials, the most popular variety is lightweight yet strong and long-lasting.

These bracelets can be worn as a necklace, anklet or hairband and usually feature the symbol of peace, love, unity and respect (PLUR).

Trading kandi is an integral part of PLUR culture and an iconic tradition within the rave community. It allows people to express their individual style while connecting with other ravers.

If you’re new to the rave scene, kandi trading can be an excellent way to connect with other partygoers and form friendships. But before engaging in this activity at a party, it’s essential that you understand the rules and etiquette associated with this practice.

The initial step in trading kandi is to find someone you are interested in trading with and start a conversation about it. Once they accept your offer, ask to see their kandi and then select one out of yours to exchange for theirs.

It is essential to never take someone else’s kandi without asking first. Additionally, show respect towards others when trading and ensure your trades are fair.

Finally, kandi trading is an enjoyable way to connect with other ravers and spread some PLUR vibes! When attending a rave, look for someone wearing kandi and ask if they would like to trade.

To exchange kandi, you must perform the PLUR handshake – an expression of peace, love, unity and respect. This involves making peace signs and touching them; then joining hands together into a heart for love; touching hands again in unity (unity); then intertwining fingers as if praying (respect); finally moving the kandi from one person’s wrist to another and sometimes exchanging hugs as well.

How do I Give Kandi Away?

Kandi is an expression of peace, love, unity and respect (PLUR). It’s also a way to show yourself some personality and make friends. No matter if you’re an experienced raver or just starting out, trading kandi is an integral part of the culture.

Kandis come in many forms, from simple bracelets to elaborate perlers and masks. All you need is some beads, string, and some creativity – which you can find at craft stores, online websites, or even the dollar store! When selecting beads for your kandi design, the most common types include pony beads, peyote beads, and perlers.

While the beads you choose are important, pay more attention to the string itself. Elastic strings will stretch and grip onto beads securely, helping prevent your kandi from slipping off during dancing.

Finally, keep in mind that not all beads are created equal. For instance, some may be made out of glass while the majority are plastic; this will have an immense effect on your kandi’s durability and aesthetic appeal.

If you’re new to the kandi scene, it can be intimidating as to how best to engage. But there are a few unwritten rules that must be adhered to for success: don’t just approach someone and ask for their piece – build an emotional connection first by speaking with them before giving it away.

What if I Don’t Have Kandi?

If you’re new to ravering, you may not know how to trade or give away kandi. Don’t fret though; there are ways of getting kandi even without having any plur kandi to share.

Kandi, also known as PLUR (peace love unity and respect), are brightly-colored beads worn by ravers at electronic dance music (EDM) festivals and raves. As part of the rave culture, these items symbolize peace love unity and respect (PLUR).

Many people associate kandi with drugs, but this is not always the case. Kandi can also serve as a form of creative expression and self-expression; it’s an opportunity to show off one’s personality and style while connecting with others.

Spreading the PLUR spirit and spreading joy to others! If you’re new at raves or festivals, why not give your plur kandi away to someone at the festival or rave. This will help them connect with the PLUR vibe and build a stronger connection.

At a rave or festival, there are certain kandi trading etiquette rules you should observe. One of the most essential is performing the PLUR handshake when trading. This involves drawing out symbols of PLUR – P (peace), L (love), U (unity), and R (respect) with your fingers before touching them to someone you are trading with and interlocking your fingers together.

It’s essential to remember that kandi should be traded organically, meaning the person you are trading with will choose a piece of kandi based on their connection with you. Therefore, asking for specific pieces of kandi can be considered rude.