Plur Kandi Trade

Plur Kandi Trade

PLUR culture is an expression of respect and love for everyone, expressed through raves where attendees make connections with their friends while dancing their hearts out.

Kandi is an integral part of this culture and symbolizes a deep bond between two individuals. It can be traded or given away as a representation of peace, love, unity, and respect.

PLUR Culture

Kandi trading is an integral part of PLUR culture, representing peace, love, unity and respect. It serves as a way for ravers to express themselves and connect with others at raves, festivals and events. Typically made from plastic pony beads, kandi can take the form of bracelets, necklaces, masks or other creations.

When two individuals wish to exchange kandi, they usually approach each other and request permission. Then they perform the PLUR handshake – drawing symbols that spell out P (peace), L (love), U (unity) and R (respect). Finally, they slide their respective bracelets over one another’s wrists as a symbol of love and respect.

Kandi trading is an enjoyable way to build connections at raves or festivals, and you don’t have to trade all your kandi with someone if you don’t have any to trade. It’s an opportunity for PLUR to spread some joy and bring a smile to someone’s face – just remember to remember to give away that PLUR handshake! Kandi trading can be an exciting part of the PLUR culture; make sure everyone takes part and has some fun while doing it!

PLUR Handshake

One of the most unforgettable experiences at any rave is trading kandi, plastic jewelry made from pony beads. Adorned with meaningful messages or creative patterns, kandi has become an essential part of the rave community and holds special meaning for those who possess it. For those new to trading kandi before, the handshake is the ideal way to introduce yourself and get acquainted with your new kandi bestie. Take time pumping it and letting their fingers rest inside of yours while maintaining a firm grip is part of making sure everyone notices your bling! It may even earn you a t-shirt as part of this exciting exchange!

PLUR Bracelets

Bracelets are a beloved jewellery item among women around the world. They come in an array of materials and patterns, such as silver, gold or bronze with gemstones, ceramics or pebbles adornments. Bracelets make great gifts for any special occasion!

Bracelets also carry their own significance, and some people will send bracelets with special messages or symbols embedded. These could include a person’s name, an encouragement to hope and love, as well as peace, unity, and respect.

Kandi trading is an integral part of PLUR culture, and kandi bracelets are an excellent way to show your support for the tribe. Traditionally made with pony beads, people have since become more creative with how they utilize them.

Bracelets are often exchanged in pairs and carry special meaning depending on who wears them. A friendship bracelet may be sent to someone special while a religious bracelet could be sent to someone praying or studying.

Kandi bracelets tend to be small and lightweight, making them easy to transport around. They’re made out of various materials such as pony beads, crystals, and more for added beauty.

Crafting kandi is a breeze and can be personalized with various beads, charms and other interesting items. Not only that but it’s an affordable and enjoyable way to express yourself or give as gifts to friends!

Make a range of kandi bracelets, from single strand bead bracelets to more complex designs featuring letters or special beads. If you’re new to making kandi or arts and crafts projects, start with simple beaded bracelets and work your way up from there.

PLUR bracelets are an integral part of rave culture, symbolizing peace, love, unity and respect. They’re often given or traded between partygoers as a way to connect and create lasting memories.