Plur Edm

Plur Edm

PLUR is an acronym that stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. In today’s rave culture these values are highly valued and strived for both on and off the dance floor.

At festivals, ravers connect and form relationships with others who share their taste in music. This fosters a community of friends that makes the event an ode to life, passion and PLUR!


Kandi are brightly-colored beaded bracelets made from plastic beads. Kandi have become an integral part of rave culture, especially among EDM enthusiasts. With a long history behind them, many ravers still trade kandi at events and festivals today.

It is essential to recognize that kandi is more than just style; it’s about spreading positive energy and showing respect. Its roots lie in PLUR culture, which stands for peace, love, unity, and reverence. Kandi provides a great opportunity for ravers to connect and make friends at events like raves or parties.

Kandi jewelry has long been made with pony beads (those plastic beads we all used to make bracelets as children), but nowadays you can use any type of bead you like; all that is required is a large enough string to thread onto it.

Once you’ve selected your beads, it’s time to assemble your kandi. It’s incredibly straightforward; all that requires is some elastic cord and an assortment of beads in any color you desire.

Now that you understand kandi, it’s time to figure out how to trade it with others. If you need assistance, there are always online guides or friends who can lend a helping hand.

Trading organically is key, meaning the person giving you kandi will select a piece that represents their relationship with you or something special about you. They might have chosen your name from a DJ or festival you’ve attended, a special saying or memory associated with you, or something else entirely that brings them joy.

When trading your kandi, do the PLUR handshake and say “peace, love, unity, respect.” Be polite but firm at the same time; also remember to keep your fingers interlocked during the exchange so as not to drop it on the floor!


Ravers often promote peace as more than a word; it’s an attitude. To demonstrate this, many will often show their affection through handshakes, kandi and of course the PLUR acronym – standing for the three things most valued in EDM/rave culture: Peace, Love and Respect.

Modern times, the goddess of peace is best known in Western culture as a patroness of wealth and prosperity, since she provides people with opportunities to plough fields, grow crops and trade for goods and services. In ancient Greece she also belonged to the Horae – deities associated with seasons and natural occurrences and their attendant deities.

She is best remembered for her calming influence, particularly during military campaigns when she was often the one in charge of keeping Mount Olympus’ gates open. In Greek mythology, she is depicted as a beautiful young woman holding a cornucopia, sceptre and torch (rhyton). Her name can be spelled Irene or Irini; Hesiod uses the epithet Hora Thallo to describe her.

The PLUR acronym has been around since 1990, but was first popularized by New York DJ Frankie Bones back then. This simple acronym depicts various gestures to convey a message – such as the phallic or triangle shape – with each letter representing one action to take.


Love is an intense emotion that can be felt by many people – friends, romantic partners, family members and even animals. No matter who it comes from or how strong the feeling may be to you, love plays a pivotal role in our lives.

While it can be easy to focus on love, it is essential to remember that this emotion is complex and should not be taken for granted. Just like any other relationship, there will be ups and downs in a romantic relationship; seeing a licensed marriage and family therapist can be beneficial in working through these emotions.

In the EDM scene, the PLUR movement strives to promote peace, unity and respect. It encourages fans to come together and celebrate their shared passion for music and dance – something you can witness at raves or festivals.

Frankie Bones started the PLUR movement in 1990 to emphasize how important peace, love and unity were within the rave community. After a fight broke out at a warehouse rave he stopped the show and got on stage to emphasize how essential respect for other ravers was.

The PLUR movement has become a cornerstone of rave culture and festival goers alike. While not always understood by those outside the community, its message of peace, love, unity, and respect remains central to their daily lives.

The PLUR acronym is often associated with a special handshake and exchane of kandi – beaded bracelets that bear messages or symbolism. Kandi are an effective way to demonstrate the significance of PLUR and provide participants with a lasting memory.


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Respect is a basic human quality that expresses deep admiration and affection for another. It’s an essential component of civilized behavior, one which all should strive to practice. Additionally, respect helps reduce conflicts and disagreements among members of society.

The word “respect” derives from the Latin term “respectus”, signifying a positive attitude toward something or someone. It conveys appreciation or admiration for someone or something regardless of importance or not.

Respect can be shown through various acts such as gestures, words and body language; however, these alone may not always be enough to convey its full significance. Understanding what respect means to you personally will enable you to determine how best to show it off.

In today’s globalized society, there is a widespread belief that all persons are deserving of respect. This idea stems from the idea that each individual has unique moral status and should be treated accordingly; it also forms the basis for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, signed in 1948.

Respect is a concept that exists across cultures and is defined differently for each. To truly understand someone else’s view of respect, communication and open conversations are necessary to get to the heart of what respect means to them.

Respect is a universal concept, yet its definition varies across cultures. Even among friends and acquaintances, it can be challenging to discern exactly what someone means when they use this word. This holds especially true when describing how people treat one another and how they define respect.

Respect is an essential human need that should be instilled in children at a young age. Teach them how to show respect towards others and their environment, as well as how to avoid conflict.