Plur Acronym

Plur Acronym

PLUR (Peace Love Unity Respect) is an acronym commonly used in rave culture that stands for peace, love, unity and respect. This ethical guide for partygoers and clubbers began emerging in the early 1990s and serves as a model of behavior and ethics for these events.

The PLUR motto promotes the idea that violence is never an option, acts of love are essential for spreading good vibes, unity is an integral part of human experience and people should treat others with respect. Each letter in PLUR has been accompanied by a hand movement and trading Kandi takes place afterwards.


Peace is often taken to mean the absence of conflict or violence between countries or individuals, but this is not always the case. To truly achieve and sustain world peace, it’s essential that we foster a culture of human rights, equity and development – which explains why attaining and maintaining global harmony are so vital for humanity.

Though there are various definitions of peace, one thing remains certain: humanity needs to educate itself on its significance and how it can be achieved. This is especially true for youth who aspire to make the world a better place.

The term is often employed in a social context, but it also has religious or political connotations. For instance, Christian beliefs may define peace as the absence of war while Hindus and Buddhists view it as an equilibrium in power.

Religious and political leaders alike often associate peace with harmony and tranquility. It can be seen as an indication of justice or goodness, a balance of powers, or even a social contract.

Social field theory describes a social contract as an arrangement that takes into account the expectations of groups or states and their powers. While this type of peace may exist, it can become unstable when expectations do not match power balances – such as during wars or other forms of violence.

Balancing of powers does not only involve hostile or antagonistic interactions, but may also involve intellectual or bargaining conflicts. It could also involve expectations between individuals or groups, like when couples try to decide what movie to watch together.

Peace and security for individuals can be seen as a reflection of their personal freedom, whether this is achieved through living up to international standards of human rights and equity, appreciating cultural diversity, or respecting their environment.

Peace is important, as a lack of it can be indicative of poverty and other negative outcomes. Furthermore, it poses serious danger to countries or communities. Therefore, building a culture of peace requires everyone to recognize its significance and work towards its attainment.


PLUR, an acronym for Peace Love Unity Respect, has become a cherished ideal within the rave culture. This term often appears on flyers and club merchandise used during events.

This acronym stands for the philosophy that violence is never an option (peace), gestures like hugging and kissing are ways to spread goodwill to others (love), the human condition unites us all (unity), and people must show regard for others’ feelings (respect). It has been a mantra since the 1990s, created by New York DJ Frankie Bones.

At a warehouse rave, Bones interrupted his set and got on the mic to talk about respect for others. This speech became widely popular and became the foundation of PLUR; adding “R” for Respect into its acronym.

Most people have heard the term PLUR at some point, but may not know exactly what it signifies. It is a popular mantra among ravers and can often be seen on nightclub flyers advertising underground outdoor trance music parties.

Kandi are also a way to communicate with fellow ravers, which is done through an iconic handshake that goes along with each letter of the acronym. This gesture is usually accompanied by trading kandi – beaded bracelets adorned with messages or symbols – which provide fun and lasting ways to show your PLUR and spread positive vibes among fellow partygoers.

Though PLUR may not be widely known outside the rave scene, it remains a powerful societal tool used by ravers to unite and foster an inclusive community. This is especially true for kandi ravers who use PLUR as a form of expression of their affection towards one another and the movement.

It is an ideal that pervades every rave community and has been a cornerstone of the scene for over 10 years. This mantra serves to foster friendliness among ravers while encouraging them to be responsible. It remains as relevant today as when it first emerged.


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Respect is a fundamental human right that we all owe each other. Without respect, society cannot function peacefully and harmoniously – especially at work where having respect for your coworkers makes them more likely to help and support you in times of need.

This shows your support of you and your potential. Additionally, it demonstrates that they believe in you and your abilities to achieve great things. Furthermore, it shows you value their opinions, thoughts and feelings – even if they don’t share all of them!

Some people believe that respect is an effective way to maintain peace and harmony in the workplace. It’s essential for employees to show respect toward their coworkers, as they cannot work effectively together if they don’t.

Many people believe that respect is the key to successful negotiations and dialogue. When you demonstrate respect towards others, they are more likely to listen intently to what you have to say and collaborate with you on finding a resolution that benefits both parties involved.

Respect is an epistemic virtue (Raz 2001), one that requires thoughtful consideration of objects and their foundations. It involves acknowledging something’s legitimacy, how appropriately to address that object, and what action to take when it calls out to us.

Though it is universally acknowledged that all humans should be treated with the respect they deserve, opinions differ on how much and when this respect should be extended. Some argue for only treating humans with consideration if they possess certain merit, while others contend nonhumans also deserve our consideration.

Respect is essential for improving one’s self-worth and helping you reach your life objectives. It also strengthens relationships with other people, creating lasting and close friendships.

The most widespread form of respect is moral recognition respect for persons as individuals. This kind of regard involves viewing and valuing them according to their status as human beings in both social and moral spheres. Contrast this with object respect which involves acknowledging, appreciating, and treating objects as if they were persons (Dillon 1997).