Plum Bunny Boutique

If you’re a fan of geek/pop culture shopping, cosplay, and bunnies then plur bunny boutique is opening soon in downtown Greensburg on the bottom level of 136 S PA Ave facing McKeon Way. Scheduled to open mid-fall, they plan on offering various baby apparel items.

The Trendy Bunny

The Trendy Bunny, an online children’s boutique featuring both locally-designed and national brands, will open its first physical location on South Pennsylvania Avenue on November 1. Alisha Edwards started selling online in 2016 as a way to diversify her income while still running Locally Raised Little Ones, a pop-up clothing store she started back in 2012.

Her shop will offer an eclectic selection of baby clothing, accessories and decor for the nursery or play room. She carefully curates products from around the world so she rarely orders the same piece year after year. Furthermore, she hopes to host local events at the store such as children’s story time and play areas for younger customers.

Edwards said she chose Greensburg for The Trendy Bunny due to the redevelopment and growth occurring downtown. Additionally, she plans on hosting regular community events and has already begun working with The Downtown Greensburg Project to provide office space in a building next door.

This fashion-forward brand boasts over 60 locations in the United States and Canada. Their stores feature an eclectic mix of clothing from polo shirts (priced between $85-$125 USD) to jackets, pants, and accessories. Each storefront is uniquely designed with a prism store window made up of dichroic glass panels along with a merchandise gallery wall and LED wall behind cash wrap to showcase branded content.

The company is known for its edgy polo shirts, but also offers casual styles with a preppy aesthetic. Its mascot is an adorable rabbit sporting skull and crossbones insignia designed by apparel industry veteran Robert Godley to appeal to young male audiences who prefer something edgier than Ralph Lauren horses or Lacoste crocodiles.

Since opening its first physical store last year, Psycho Bunny has seen a dramatic spike in online sales to markets where it doesn’t already have a presence. According to Justin Cohen, Chief Commercial Officer at Psycho Bunny, their total business has tripled since then due to their “test-and-learn” mentality that enabled them to rapidly expand their retail space.

The Bunny Hutch

Tess Gunty’s stunning debut novel tells the tale of four teenage foster kids living together in an apartment building in Vacca Vale over one hot week. It offers a poignant yet beautiful glimpse into contemporary America, exploring themes such as striving for transcendence and finding true love.

Vacca Vale, once famous for its automobile industry, now lies the decrepit ruins of Lapiniere – The Rabbit Hutch – a low-income housing complex known as “La Lapiniere” or The Rabbit Hutch. Here a diverse cast of misfits lives in abject poverty with walls so thin that they can hear their lives play out like radio plays.

Blandine Watkins emerges from this dark and lonely world to meet her fellow denizens of The Rabbit Hutch. From there, readers are taken on an captivating journey through a web of plots that interweave to show a town on the brink of destruction and death.

From a son of a television star on a small revenge mission to church confessionals where a young boy hides a doll of his mother and an elderly bioluminescent man runs up behind her, The Rabbit Hutch explores how residents of a small town come together as they struggle with their circumstances. It’s an inspiring look into human connection as well as testament to imagination’s power.

This captivating and thought-provoking debut novel from an important new voice in American fiction is a must read for literature, psychology, and anthropology enthusiasts alike. It showcases the resilience and strength of the human spirit while exploring our desire for transcendence and love.

The characters in The Rabbit Hutch are portrayed with remarkable compassion, their stories intricately woven with subtlety and skill. Even if some of them appear to be stereotypical stereotypes, the author’s deep respect for her characters shines through throughout.

Gunty is an accomplished writer who has beautifully captured the lifestyle of a postindustrial Midwest community. Despite her extensive research, her writing never feels dry or cynical, and it’s impossible to ignore Gunty’s fondness for Indiana – her home state.

The Cuddle Shop

East Burnside, Portland’s newest cuddler paradise, is the Cuddle Shop. At just $1 per minute, customers can experience four rooms filled with non-sexual touch at a fraction of the cost. Trained cuddlers are on hand to hold, stroke and hug clients at an unbeatable price point.

Professional cuddling has seen a recent uptick, and the latest crop of professionals are taking it to new heights. Instead of offering just one session, these entrants are offering month-long or even longer packages. Some even run small businesses like local onesie romper makers! But The Cuddle Shop holds the distinction of being the first in town to offer this service – no wonder they’re on everyone’s wish list this holiday season! For more information and updates about their services, be sure to check out their Facebook page or subscribe to their newsletter; staying informed about all things related to cute animals is easier than ever!