Park N Rave

Park N Rave

Park’ N Rave is an innovative way to enjoy EDM music. It slightly alters the typical rave experience to ensure safety for all concertgoers.

Insomniac’s Park’ N Rave events have featured multiple artists, including Maceo Plex and Kayzo. They’re set to welcome Flosstradamus for two nights of HDYFEST Hotbox Edition at their two-night festival this weekend!

What is a Park ‘N Rave?

Park’ N Rave concerts offer EDM music lovers an adrenaline-charged live event while remaining safe. It differs from typical raves in that attendees can drive into a designated parking area and dance as they, please! Insomniac has made these series very popular, so you’re sure to see many of your favorite artists at these events.

For example, Insomniac will host a Park’ N Rave event this month featuring Gud Vibrations co-founder NGHTMRE and Effin and Black AM! These concerts are taking place at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, and car passes start at $200 for five people in your vehicle – prices increase as you get closer to the stage, so be sure to buy your tickets early!

Here you’ll find all the information about Insomniac’s upcoming Park’ N Rave events. Read through their safety guidelines before attending one of these parties, and let us know if you plan on attending in the comments!

Getting There

Experience something unique at a park-n-rave event with Insomniac at NOS Events Center in San Bernardino. While getting there can be tricky, the event organizers assist you and ensure you have the best chance at enjoying both music and the show. Arriving early for optimal enjoyment is recommended!


Drinking at your favorite downtown hot spot can get expensive if you need a designated driver. To avoid such regret, we suggest looking into valet or pre-paid options that can be purchased ahead of time and used on-site at the event. It is also wise to bring someone special to help with heavy lifting. Luckily, there’s plenty of free parking at the venue; no need to stress over finding the best spot – it’s all taken care of for you. And if driving isn’t your thing, park right up next to the entrance for however long you desire – or until you leave!

Getting Into the Music

If you’re an EDM enthusiast, you know the thrill of arriving at a dance music festival and getting into the spirit. But if this is your first time attending one, you might need to figure out what to expect.

Thankfully, the answer is straightforward. Park’ N Rave will follow a similar format to Relentless Beats’ two-night drive-in event Road Rave but with additional safety precautions in place.

Attendees must adhere to social distancing regulations and remain in their cars (except when using restrooms). Security personnel and Relentless Beats staff will monitor the area to ensure everyone follows these guidelines.

Drum and bass dominate much of the music, an electronic dance music subgenre that includes liquid, classic dancefloor, jump-up, and Neurofunk. This beat can range from upbeat and energetic to dark and emotional.

Music can be played in various ways, such as through a DJ mixer or an audio-visual display. It may also be played through speakers.

Ravers sometimes engage in light-oriented dancing, which can be done with glowsticks, glow strings, and gloving. These routines use LED lights of various colors to create patterns or sets of prints.

Although not recommended, some EDM fans do wear masks to cover their faces and protect themselves from COVID-19. Unfortunately, masks made of Kandi (those vibrant plastic pony beads used by EDM fans for jewelry and other items) offer little protection from this virus.

On Friday, January 22, and Saturday, January 23, Insomniac’s Park’ N Rave concert series will present artists such as Seven Lions, Drezo and Wooli. Tickets for the 18+ show are on sale now.

On November 14, Insomniac will perform at NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, California. For further details and tickets, visit their website today!