New Years Eve Rave

New Years Eve Rave

There’s no better way to welcome in the New Year than with a party! With festivals in full swing this year, there are plenty of amazing options for you to choose from.

One of the largest and most popular festivals in Berlin is Salon zur Wilden Renate. This 61-hour party features 30 acts, starting 25 hours before New Year’s Eve itself and costing between 35-70 euros.

About Blank

This chic new year’s eve rave was held in Kreuzberg, Berlin’s hipster haven. Conceived by four of Berlin’s most progressive collectives and featuring two floors full of artists, it was the ideal way to welcome 2021 with style!

For some time now, new years eve has been marked by an age divide between traditionalists and some of today’s youth. While it has been a challenging time for all involved with this event, there can be no denying its return. With more time to focus on their favorite artists and a new venue to call home, 2019 promises to be an exciting year – we hope to see you there and let the good times roll!


The year 2022 is almost over and it’s time to wrap up this incredible year in style. To help you celebrate, here are a few amazing events taking place across America from west to east that can help you commemorate this remarkable year in grand style.

Decadence has long been America’s premiere electronic New Years celebration, boasting an impressive lineup and lavish production. Held over two nights, this two-night affair brings some of the world’s greatest talent to Denver each year. If you’re in search of something different this December 30, Insomniac’s Countdown New Year’s Invasion also has something special in store with headlining performances by The Chainsmokers, Zedd, DJ Snake and Loud Luxury.

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Salon zur Wilden Renate

Salon zur Wilden Renate is an iconic nightclub located in one of Berlin’s poshest neighborhoods and renowned for its fantastic live music lineup.

Aside from its great dance floor, this club features several bars and hidden corridors to discover. Plus, there’s an outdoor courtyard area where guests can have plenty of fun.

The club is renowned for its striking design. It boasts Peristal Signum, a labyrinth designed to be traversed solely by one individual.

Another unique feature of the club is its outdoor beer garden. Here, there are various tables and chairs as well as trees decorated with various items.

It’s the ideal spot for enjoying evening drinks and hosting a party with your friends. Choose from an extensive selection of alcohol bottles, such as vodka, whiskey, tequila and rum.

The bar staff is friendly and willing to help if needed, including finding your table.

This club is a favorite destination for international guests who come to Berlin during their stay. They can enjoy bottle service for their group that will be expedited.

Last year, Karim Molyneux-Berry, a former PR manager for the club, recounted his encounter with racism and harassment from resident DJ duo Peak & Swift. His Facebook status read: “It’s so bad even the privileged came out”.

King Kong Kicks

With 2021 drawing to a close, there’s no better way to celebrate than with an epic new years eve rave. Festival planners are back in full force and artists from COVID-19 have returned, providing plenty of epic NYE events this year.

The Maverick Theater presents King Kong, an exciting new production directed by Brian Newell that pays homage to this classic 1933 film. It blends whimsy and joy with stunning effect. The highlight is a high-energy action sequence featuring impressive acrobatics and clever cinematography.

One of the more remarkable aspects of this show is that it’s a live local play! Starring Kalinda Gray as Ann Darrow and Paul Zelhart as Carl Denham, it moves along at an amazing clip – making it one of the more entertaining local productions you’ll experience this season.

It also features some eye-catching touches, such as an impressive special effects trick. The acrobatics in the climactic scene rival those found at only the highest of cinemas and make for an incredible sight to behold.

Music-wise, the show boasts an impressive line-up of international acts. However, it’s the club’s special New Year’s Eve set that really draws attention. DJs such as Ben UFO, Manfredas and Ivan Smagghe will all put their unique spin on a floor-focused soundtrack for the evening; plus Australia’s HAAi is set to take things further with her impeccable passion for sound design.

The show also has a special touch, offering an extra chill area for the more laid-back crowd. It’s the ideal way to kickstart a new year of dancing and an excuse to enjoy your first sip of champagne before the big countdown!

Black Room

Paul and Jennifer are shocked when they move into their new home to discover a demon trapped in the basement. This evil entity has been wreaking havoc ever since Miss Black first trapped it during an intense party many years prior.

Jennifer and Paul begin to experience strange sexually charged incidents while alone in the house, and things take an even darker turn when they realize that the basement is more than just a storage space. A demonic incubus begins making itself known around the house and takes on both forms of Jennifer or Paul.

As the incubus grows stronger, it begins to carry out a plan that could have devastating repercussions for humanity. The couple must confront their sexuality and sex relationships in the face of this evil force that seeks to take over the world.

This movie offers some sultry scares and practical makeup effects with realistic makeup and gore effects. While its campiness may not always succeed, there are some nice frights here and some excellent performances from its leads.

Rolfe Kanefsky’s film attempts to recreate the low budget and B-movie aesthetic of horror movies from the 90’s, but it often falls short due to poor acting and ineffective dialogue.

Cleopatra Films has done an admirable job distributing the movie on Blu-ray. While video quality is average for a new HD release, with some dark gradients and mild banding but good detail, audio is lossy but features some pleasant active sound design and decent separation. It’s worth listening to Natasha Henstridge’s commentary as she and other members of the cast discuss the storyline in depth.