My Little Rave

My Little Rave

Many find raving an opportunity to connect with others who share their interests and passions. It offers them the chance to discover a different perspective on life.

Research suggests that psychedelic consumption at raves can result in profound and transformative experiences and has even been linked to prosocial behavior. However, these effects may not be entirely explained by awe alone.

It’s a community

Many think of communities as small groups living together in one location, but this is only sometimes true. Many societies exist that are not geographically defined but instead define themselves by something unique about themselves – like being LGBTQ+ or working in particular job types – making them unique from other societies.

Community is defined by locus, sharing, joint action, diversity, and social ties – in a different order! In our study, 77% of participants cited locus as an essential community element, while 58% mentioned sharing. This is because communities are built upon shared stories that draw on cultural story archetypes to foster identity formation and maintain it over time. Reports can also serve as cultural resources, which can be used for teaching or communicating with others about places, religions, or any other thing you choose!