Just Dance Rave in the Grave

Just Dance Rave in The Grave

At Witton Cemetery in Birmingham, a video has been taken of a group of mourners dancing around a funeral during a DJ set. The footage has elicited mixed reactions.

Rave in the Grave, featuring AronChupa and Little Sis Nora, is available on Just Dance 2019 for Just Dance Unlimited and Just Dance Now subscribers.

How to do it

Many people overlook it, but dancing is an art in and of itself. It can be meditative and therapeutic while strengthening bonds with friends and family. Plus, it’s free! Plenty of websites and apps offer instruction on learning the dance; all that requires is patience and good eyesight! Luckily, we’re here to make things easier for you!

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Rave dancing is an expressive style of dancing that incorporates various techniques to create unique moves. These moves are inspired by music and choreography, making them adaptable and flexible enough for different dancers to learn.

The “Gold Move” is the most popular rave dancing technique, which involves bending your arms at a 45-degree angle and shaking them. This should be your first move before learning any other steps.

Exercise is also an excellent way to move your hips faster and boost stamina. This will enable you to make quicker moves, giving you an edge over the competition.

Though many people mistakenly assume rave dancing is only for youth, the reality is that anyone can learn how to do it properly – provided they know the proper techniques.

In addition to being a joyful dance, belly dancing can be a powerful outlet for emotions. This can be especially beneficial when feeling low or depressed.

Another popular technique is the “Ghost Walk,” a type of stomp that involves standing on the ground and walking around with your hands up. This can be used for moving around on your own or in groups.

Dance with friends and have some fun! Additionally, this is an excellent chance to showcase your skills and gain new followers.

Last week, mourners gathered at a cemetery in Birmingham to say farewell to a loved one. But their sorrow didn’t stop them from showing some passion – wearing black and dancing around the graves while a DJ played music. This video has now been viewed over 40,000 times, and many applaud their creative way of expressing their emotions.


Fans of AronChupa will be delighted to know she has a brand-new dance for Just Dance 2019, “Rave in the Grave.” While not difficult to learn, it does require some strategy and practice – making this song one of Just Dance Unlimited and Now’s most popular tracks! If you’re up for an exciting challenge, give it a try!


Partying can be more than just a good time. For many people, clubbing and electronic dance music have become gateway drugs to understanding culture, society, race relations, politics, identity – and much more. AronChupa and Little Sis Nora’s latest Just Dance track, “Rave in the Grave,” perfectly captures this sentiment; discover its roots, timeless appeal, and how it has affected dance worldwide in our video feature below.