Rave music is one of the most addictive forms of euphoria known to man. Whether it’s a night of dancing in an illegal club or an event held in a stadium, nothing compares to the communal energy that comes along with a good rave.

It is no wonder why ILLENIUM has such an devoted fan base of lovers, dreamers and drug seekers that they are just as likely to cry at his shows as they are to experience total euphoria. He currently has the most successful tour in North America with 250,000 hard tickets sold and boasting 2019’s highest-charting debut week for an electronic music album with his third long player, ‘Ascend’.


Denver-based producer ILLENIUM is one of the most successful crossover electronic artists today. His stunning records have won him over audiences around the world with captivating remixes and captivating original productions.

Over his career, ILLENIUM has amassed an ardent fan base known as “Illenials.” His love for music and ambition have propelled him to success, garnering millions of streams and major collaborations with artists like Excision, The Chainsmokers and Jon Bellion. With such a dedicated following comes immense global attention which continues to propel him further towards stardom.

This year, ILLENIUM is pushing the envelope of his musical genre and offering fans an unforgettable live show experience. Renowned for his high-energy performances, ILLENIUM’s illenium rave event promises to be an unforgettable night filled with pyrotechnics and dizzying lasers that will take dance floors around the world by storm.

After an intense build and production phase, ILLENIUM performed a three-set set at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas to commemorate his Trilogy albums – Ashes, Awake, and Ascend – before previewing his latest album Fallen Embers that is set for release on July 16. His performance was truly one-of-a kind; sure to elicit strong emotions from those present.

Illenium brought out some special guests for his stage presence, including Annika Wells and David Scott (aka Day). Together, these performers helped Illenium create a rock-inspired environment without compromising any of his electronic elements.

The show was an unforgettable journey through ten years of his career, featuring an ensemble of renowned musicians performing a set featuring keyboards, drum pads and cutting-edge lighting and visuals to provide guests with an immersive and unique experience.

ILLENIUM’s latest album, Awake, received critical acclaim and was named one of Billboard’s 10 Best Dance/Electronic Albums of 2017. He reached #1 on iTunes Top Electronic Albums Chart in 12 countries with over 100 million streams to date. With his upcoming releases and world tours set to continue his ascent to the top of dance music industry, fans can look forward to more triumphs from him in 2018.


Nick Miller, better known by his stage name ILLENIUM (born Nick Miller), is one of today’s most successful crossover electronic artists with 5 billion collective streams and multiple top-ten dance charts to his credit. His eclectic sound blends elements of celestial electronica, ambient alternative music, pulsing dubstep and even pop-tinged bass music into an expansive sound that has gained him worldwide acclaim.

He’s also adept at condensing an intricate, multi-layered electronic melody into a singular, powerful earworm. This talent has earned him millions of fans around the world – including millions of self-identified “Illenials,” who share an intense personal bond with this Denver-born and raised virtuoso through his signature music.

It’s no shock that Illenium has amassed an adoring fan base around the world, but he has taken his music and show to another level by creating a captivating live experience. Transforming electronic music into an intense theatrical production, ILLENIUM has managed to capture both his most dedicated followers as well as those just discovering him.

ILLENIUM created this performance, joined by David Scott on drums, Said the Sky on keys, Dabin back on guitar and Annika Wells for vocals. It was an electric show that kept everyone enthralled throughout its duration.

The best part of the performance was watching the audience’s reaction. They were truly amazed by its scale, making it one to remember for years to come.


Illenium is one of the greatest names in electronic dance music, and his latest tour, “Ascend,” encapsulates everything that has defined him over the past few years. The show serves as both a celebration of all Miller has accomplished to this point and also serves as an expression of his intense desire for collaboration.

He’s a DJ that blends heartfelt melodies and thundering bass to craft emotionally stirring tracks. Couple this sound with his captivating stage presence, and you get an experience that leaves audiences in awe.

The show started off with William Black’s bass-heavy set that made you want to dance along to every beat. More rave-centric than his predecessors, Black threaded his tracks with hope and hype, demonstrating that bass can be beautiful when combined with melody.

After Black, Dabin took the stage and brought down the house with his always emotional music, gripping audiences with soaring melodies and uplifted synths. His tracks often echo those found on Sayonara Wild Hearts’ soundtrack, making for an unforgettable live experience you don’t want to miss.

At times, there were plenty of lasers, flames and streamer cannons throughout the show that were certainly a show-stopper; however, it was truly the music that stole the spotlight. As I looked across the crowd I noticed an array of emotions from barely controlled joy to heartfelt tears.

One of the highlights of the show was when Illenium brought out his longtime collaborator, Said The Sky. This man has been an integral part of Miller’s career since they both attended UCO Boulder’s music-business program together.

When Said The Sky joined Illenium on stage, it felt like a full band was performing. Combining Illenium’s talent and Said The Sky’s guitar playing made for an intensely rock-infused set that many wouldn’t expect.

Fans were in awe as Illenium showcased his guitar skills during one of their performances, giving them a newfound respect for his abilities. While they knew he had the capacity to do so from previous performances, seeing it live provided many with an unforgettable moment.


Illenium’s music is renowned for its blend of powerful melodies and driving bass. This signature sound has helped him reach new heights in his career, earning him an RIAA gold album and two Top 10 Billboard charted hits.

His latest album, Ascend, continues this trend. The tracklist contains both classic hits that will be familiar to his fans as well as some brand-new tracks that are sure to become classics in the future.

Recently, Miller revealed to Conscious Electronic his upcoming tour will include a full live band including David Scott (aka Day), Said the Sky on keys and drums, Dabin back on stage to perform guitar solos, and Annika Wells singing lead vocals. All these talented artists have collaborated before on previous releases and promise to bring their unique styles and energy to the stage.

On December 7, Illenium will launch their tour at Staples Center in Los Angeles with 20,000 eager fans eager to see them perform. As the lights dimmed and a slow guitar riff echoed throughout the stadium, anticipation built among everyone.

As Illenium entered the stage wearing a stunning Fender Telecaster, his fans erupted with screams that conveyed that this artist is more than an electronic musician to them. While his DJ equipment was heavily utilized throughout the show, he added power and performance through live instrumentation – something else which sets him apart from other artists who don’t typically do this.

With that being said, Illenium did an impressive job of getting the crowd up on their feet with his powerful beats and energizing vocals. Not only that, but he also took his visuals to new heights.

One of the most captivating elements of the set was that it displayed a stream of social media comments. This served to remind viewers they’re not alone and others have experienced similar things.