Future Rave

Future Rave

Future Rave is an electronic dance music genre created by DJ/producers David Guetta and Morten Breum that blends techno with progressive house. It has gained notoriety through artists such as Hardwell and other EDM acts.

This new sound has been rocking the music industry. Fueled by GRAMMY-winning artist David Guetta and his partner MORTEN, it’s become a movement – an awakening.

Ultra Future Rave Vocals 2

Future Rave is an innovative subgenre of Electronic Dance Music created in the late 2010s by Danish duo MORTEN and renowned DJ/producer David Guetta. This genre blends elements of festival-oriented EDM with more underground club sounds.

Structurally, it draws heavily from Big Room House with build-ups and anthemic drops that are often layered with reverb. However, it also incorporates influences from more club-oriented genres like Tech House and Hardstyle. Furthermore, the lead guitar used is characteristic of “Peak Time Techno” along with trance-like arpeggios.

This genre fuses techno and progressive house, featuring strong melodic arpeggiator’s, fat baselines and energetic drums. Essential Audio Media has created five construction kits as well as two female vocal stems to match this trending style. Each kit contains bass loops, synths, leads and FX such as Uplifters, Risers, Downlifter’s Impact and of course all Drum loops so you have all of the essential tools for creating your next track!

Future Rave music is becoming more and more popular, particularly as Tiesto embraces it. Many producers are incorporating this new sound into their tracks – notable examples include Hardwell and Armin van Buuren who both incorporate it into their sets at Ultra Miami.

Future Rave stands out among other subgenres of EDM due to its unique blend of styles. Alongside Dutch House or Hardstyle synths, it incorporates rolling hi-hats reminiscent of Trance and Techno music.

Producing high-quality Future Rave music requires having the correct samples. These sounds will guarantee your track is packed with energy and life.

With this pack, you can quickly and easily craft your own Future Rave tracks! This collection contains vocals and synths with an exciting sound that will set your tracks apart from others.

No matter if you are a novice or professional producer, this set will be invaluable to you. It includes high-quality vocals, midi files and presets for some of the top soft synths available today.

New Future Rave Vocals

David Guetta & MORTEN’s latest release, ‘Episode 2’, sets an impressive standard for the rapidly developing future rave genre. While they have made it clear that their new label, Future Rave, strives to nurture and support a generation of producers inspired by their work, Episode 2 proves they’re also setting high expectations within this community themselves.

On this EP, Guetta and MORTEN draw inspiration from decades of dance music to craft an infectious sound that promises to thrill dancefloors worldwide. Opening track “You Can’t Change Me,” featuring RAYE, sets the mood for the rest of the EP; its catchy vocal anthem pairs perfectly with Guetta’s hard-hitting mainstage Future Rave sounds, making it ideal for driving sets during peak festival hours or taking the car ride home after a night out on the town.

Next up is the tribal-influenced “Dominator,” demonstrating how Future Rave can combine dance rhythms, tribal drums and trance synths – challenging the conventions of mainstream dance music. Utilizing these elements to drive an intense beat, the pair’s latest single will surely become an anthem that inspires other artists to follow in their footsteps.

On this EP, there are plenty of tracks that capture the gritty energy behind Future Rave. For instance, “Kill Me Slow” has become a go-to staple in festival sets recently.

This pack offers an assortment of catchy female and male vocal hooks that are ready to be used in your next chart-topping tracks! Crafted with top quality vocal stems and MIDI loops, these vocals add a subtle layer of emotion and spice to productions.

With this sample pack, you can quickly and easily craft an array of future rave music. From melodic synths to futuristic basslines, custom FX, punchy drums, and EDM vocals – everything you need to take your productions to the next level.

New Future Rave Kits

Future Rave is an upbeat style of music that’s becoming increasingly popular. Featuring powerful synths and infectious beats, it promises to make an impact. Producers such as David Guetta, Hardwell, and others have all put their stamp on this genre, proving its staying power.

With this sample pack, you’ll have all of the tools necessary to start crafting future rave tracks that are guaranteed to get people dancing. From heavy basslines and powerful lead synth melodies, this collection provides all of the essential ingredients for crafting club bangers that will excite and excite any crowd.

This pack also offers 23 Serum presets that will let you take your sounds to the next level. Whether you want to add a classic key or create an original synth melody, these presets make it simple.

No matter if you’re just starting out or looking to take your productions to the next level, this new sample pack from Sagan provides all of the essential tools necessary for creating amazing Future Rave tunes. Featuring vocals, drum loops, bass & synth shots as well as MIDI files, there is sure to be something in this collection that meets all your requirements.

These stems have been exported as 24-Bit WAVs, so you can drag and drop them directly into your DAW for use however desired.

Another great feature of this sample pack is that it also includes midi files for each melodic element. This means you can edit them within your preferred DAW and create custom melodic loops!

This pack offers five Construction Kits designed to match the popular sounds of David Guetta & Morten. Each Construction Kit provides all the bass, synths, leads and FX necessary for creating an engaging future rave track – including Uplifters, Risers, Downlifter, Impact and drum loops!

Additionally, each Kit includes a folder containing all of the single drum one-shots used in it – perfect for dragging and dropping them into your sampler to create new rhythms. All stems and midi files are royalty-free, meaning that you can use them in as many projects as desired without any limitations.

New Future Rave Sounds

Years ago, Grammy-winner David Guetta joined forces with Danish DJ and producer MORTEN to pioneer what would become known as Future Rave – an entirely new genre in electronic dance music that inspired DJs around the world.

Future Rave has achieved huge successes, such as their remix of Sia’s “Titanium” and the brand-new track “Permanence,” ceding its place among dance music’s elite. Now, trailblazing artists David Guetta and MORTEN are set to release their first EP on their label, ushering in a new chapter for this unique sound.

Guetta and MORTEN have officially unveiled their brand-new label with “Element,” serving as a platform for artists to submit demos and get signed. Their mission is to elevate dance music beyond what it currently is, and this track perfectly encapsulates that goal.

This track features an intense blend of raw rave energy, Dirty Dutch elements and melodic techno that builds until a massive drop brings everything together. Within the mix are numerous powerful synths and percussion that will instantly take your productions to the next level.

These sounds are 100% royalty-free, so you can use them for any purpose without worry. With this pack, you’ll be able to craft incredible Future Rave tracks in no time!

This collection contains 67 Serum presets tailored specifically for Future Rave sound design. Each preset was created with the purpose of adding an exciting and vibrant perspective to your productions, featuring fat basses, sparkling leads, lush pads and energetic plucks. Plus you’ll have access to an impressive array of drums and FX so that you can add your own personal flair to this popular modern style – making this a must-have resource for any Future Rave producer!