Dreamscape Rave

Dreamscape Rave

In the ’90s, rave culture spread like wildfire across the UK. Combining US Chicago house and techno with rare groove and sound system culture, these events attracted crowds of tens of thousands to warehouse parties.

Flyers for events like Dreamscape and Raindance often featured surrealist designs with a sci-fi flair. Junior Tomlin was one of the most prolific artists, creating artwork for clubs, trance music records, and drum & bass records.


In the 1990s, UK rave parties underwent a radical reimagining. From muddy fields of the past to arena-style dance venues, these events brought with them an entirely new aesthetic and produced some fantastic flyers.

One of the more popular trends at these raves was lighting. Different components, such as LED lights and flashing strobe lights, provided revelers various ways to dazzle their spectators.

Many ravers also gloved, a light-based dancing involving gloves with lights attached. These lights come in various colors and can be programmed to do different things. Some even wear light-up shirts that change hue and flash with the music.

Light-related dances are not just for rave culture; they have been around for a long time and can be found at various events. Popular forms include glowsticking, gloving, glow-stringing, and light shows.

Tape packs have also become an essential element of the scene, providing recordings of events that can be sold as souvenirs at a cost. Some promoters have recorded their shows, while others utilized party tapes from other supporters to create unique products.

Junior Tomlin is one of the most renowned designers in British rave history, producing some of the most eye-catching and unique flyers during that era. His illustrations graced numerous fliers for hardcore, darkcore, and early jungle releases and events, making him an exceptional example of an in-demand illustrator from Britain’s black community.


Dreamscape Rave is a three-day fantasy-themed festival held at Camp Ramblewood in Darlington, Maryland. It combines music and camping for an unforgettable experience, featuring pool parties and a decompression lounge with yoga and meditation sessions. Dreamscape rave offers attendees a unique festival environment while enjoying some of the world’s most incredible music acts.

Dreamscape raves typically feature a diverse lineup, from heavy dubstep to trance music. While it often has a headliner act, most artists on the lineup are smaller names and lesser-known acts that promise an entertaining experience for attendees. For 2017, Dreamscape Rave features Destructo, Troyboi, Delta Heavy, Chris Lake, Autograf, and many more for attendees’ delight.

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