David Guetta Future Rave

David Guetta Future Rave

Over the past two years, world-renowned DJ & producer David Guetta and Danish sensation MORTEN have revolutionized dance music with their groundbreaking ‘Future Rave’ sound.

Techno, hardcore rave and big room attitude come together in this cultural fusion to form an entirely new genre – one that embodies their vision for electronic dance music: fresh and innovative. This eclectic combination has spawned numerous successful artists within this genre as well as inspired many more to innovate within it.

Never Be Alone

Two years ago, David Guetta and MORTEN unleashed their groundbreaking ‘Future Rave’ genre into the world, ushering in a new dance music culture. This innovative sound fuses elements of EDM, techno and (future house) into an entirely unique hybrid sound that stands alone today.

The futuristic genre is unique in that it not only represents an industry-defining trend but also has become a well-established brand and label. Started by David Guetta and MORTEN in collaboration with some of the world’s premier DJs, Future Rave is an unrivalled platform designed to cultivate new talent from around the world who will set standards for future-forward dance music production.

Never Be Alone is an outstanding example of the futuristic sound that has become synonymous with this pioneering genre. It fuses elements of Big Room House and trance to create an uptempo track sure to delight.

This year’s Ultra Music Festival in Miami and a sold-out US tour have seen massive support for the song from other artists and DJs alike, making it essential to any fan’s library. As the latest offering from this duo, “Dream On” should not be missed out on!

Morten, renowned Danish producer and DJ, collaborated with Guetta to create this futuristic-sounding piece of dance music. Boasting electronic beats, acoustic guitar and other cutting-edge instruments, the futuristic record is an absolute must-listen. It’s definitely the best dance track to hit radio this year – you can bet it will be a smash hit!


“Element” is a short but intense blast of sound that captures all that future rave is about. Rippling cascades of stabs pound away with fury in an intense pattern while vocal synth samples exchange places with them to form an engaging dialogue that drives the track forward.

This track boasts a powerful bass and drum beat, ideal for peak-time crowds. The breakdown pays homage to Dirty Dutch music with melodic techno elements that take listeners into the darker realm of dance music.

Future Rave was birthed through a collaboration between DJs David Guetta and MORTEN, and has quickly gained worldwide traction. It has influenced new artists while solidifying David Guetta as one of music’s top names.

Future Rave was created out of a desire to bring something fresh and exciting into electronic dance music. Drawing inspiration from Big Room House as well as more underground genres, it showcases the duo’s vision for where electronic dance music will go in the future.

This groundbreaking sound has inspired an extensive community of fans and aspiring artists, such as Justus, D’Angello & Francis and HEADER. Now David Guetta and MORTEN are taking their genre to the next level by launching a label dedicated to Future Rave music.

With their new label, the duo will be featuring up and coming producers who share their vision of Future Rave music. Whether they have been honing their craft for years or are just getting started, the label offers them the chance to reach a wider audience.

It’s beneficial to have a permanent platform to showcase this emerging music genre, which is becoming increasingly popular both in the metaverse and real life. Furthermore, the label will provide ample support to new artists so they can hone their craft and keep producing captivating work.

Element is the inaugural single from this new label and it’s set to ignite your Future Rave journey with a bang!


David Guetta and Danish DJ Morten have been making waves with their Future Rave sound, and now it’s time for them to take things further. Their latest collaboration, ‘Permanence’, is an energetic track that promises to get dance floors rocking in 2022.

The song begins with a subtle but effective buildup that teases listeners about the big reveal that’s coming later on. The teasing intro that takes time to familiarize you with its melody and rhythm is just one of the reasons ‘Permanence’ stands out from other tracks.

Soon enough, the track reaches its climactic point as an intense buzz of synth pressure cuts across throbbing bass and that snarling main motif. A beautiful breakdown introduces an ethereal operatic vocal that soars high before returning us back to hypnotic synth-heavy beat.

Guetta and Morten’s Future Rave sets are always a surefire hit, with fans getting into the spirit with its staple in their repertoire that always keeps things exciting on stage. “Permanence” has become an instant classic for them – its relentless energy guaranteed to keep everyone dancing until the very last note!

As for the production, it’s an incredible feat of artistry. The thunderous bass and earth-shaking synths combine to create an unforgettable experience that’s sure to leave you in awe.

With an epic buildup and truly earth-shaking drop, this track is a must-listen for any Future Rave lover. Guetta and Morten’s latest release is another fantastic addition to their already impressive catalogue, providing listeners with an earworm sure to be played by DJs worldwide.

This year has seen David Guetta earn his tenth GRAMMY nomination for ‘Hero’ and rocket to the top of DJ Mag’s top 100 poll. Additionally, he hosted his iconic United At Home series for another monumental milestone in the life of music’s most successful icon.

With his latest album ‘Future State’ and 18-week residency at Hi Ibiza, Official Number 1 DJ has plenty to look forward to in 2022. The first show takes place in June with an A-list cast performing live onstage.


David Guetta launched Future Rave earlier this year. This label features a variety of dance music artists who specialize in futuristic genres. Since its initial track release, this label has seen tremendous success – its most recent release “Unholy” being an example of how far this genre has evolved.

This song tells the tale of a cheater who attempts to keep their affair from his wife. The narrator states that this person’s wife is “lucky, lucky girl” but she doesn’t know what goes on behind closed doors.

Though this song is relatively new, it has already gained a great deal of online attention. It’s featured in multiple TikTok videos, Reels, and Instagram stories and is quickly becoming one of the most popular songs across these platforms.

With its captivating chorus, this song is ideal for thirst traps and dance videos alike. Moreover, its powerful lyrics have been a big hit among TikTok users who have been sharing their own versions of the track on the platform.

Due to its success, this song has become increasingly popular on social media – it’s safe to say everyone has heard at least one version. Whether you’re new to it or an avid fan, this is a must-listen for those interested in futuristic dance music.

This song stands out from other songs of its genre due to its dark tone and distinct sound that doesn’t sound like typical pop tunes you hear on the radio. This makes it ideal for the future rave genre which has seen a surge of popularity at festivals around the world.

This song is an inspiring example of the future rave genre and will fascinate fans of both dance music and acid house. It offers a glimpse into its sinister tone, making it essential listening for anyone interested in this subgenre.