Dave the Rave

Dave The Rave has been an iconic part of Sunderland’s club scene for many years. He has earned a reputation as an outgoing individual and passionate fan of his local football team, SAFC.

Dave the Rave has always had an interest in electronic music and has played at several venues around Sunderland. Additionally, he traveled abroad to promote his new album ‘Beats’ by touring numerous clubs throughout Europe in 2010.

The Relics & Rarities Show

Dave the Rave has delved deep into his vast record collection to unearth some of America’s rarest hidden gems that had been lying dormant for decades. Many of these songs never made it onto the Top 40 chart and now they’re getting a second chance thanks to Dave.

The Relics & Rarities Show offers an eclectic blend of music from the past and present. Enjoy popular hits as well as lesser-known gems; this show is perfect for anyone who appreciates classic rock.

Join Dave the Rave on Saturdays and Sundays from 5-8pm eastern as he delves into his collection of relics and rarities. With over 120,000 45 RPM records and 25,000 albums in his vast library, his passion is evident!

He mixes up some of the biggest hits with lesser-known songs to create an electrifying show. He also includes some songs that never made it into the top 20 but still deserve your attention.

On this show, Dave takes a look at some of his rarest records and pays homage to some of the great musicians that came before him. He incorporates genres such as soul, surf, garage, British Invasion, girl groups, doowop and rockabilly into one eclectic playlist.

DJ MURO, King Of Diggin’ is one of the world’s foremost collectors of rare records and music related relics. He has released numerous groundbreaking mixtapes across various sounds and genres – particularly funk, soul and disco.

Enjoy an entertaining and thrilling show that will leave you with a big grin on your face every time! Don’t miss this fantastic event!

Relics and Rarities is a weekly anthology series created by Geek & Sundry with Deborah Ann Woll (Daredevil, True Blood). Set in an original world created by Woll as Dungeon Master and storyteller for this unique show from Geek & Sundry and Nerdist, Relics and Rarities offers fans something magical every week.

The Oldies But Goodies Show

The Oldies But Goodies Show is an audio show that celebrates classic and contemporary music. Listen on your radio or stream it online – it’s the perfect way to keep grooves going while on-the-go!

This show presents classic rock, pop and country songs from the 1950s and 1960s. Additionally, you’ll get to meet a variety of performers during this enjoyable Saturday night event!

Art Laboe coined the phrase “oldies but goodies” in 1957. He established his own label, Original Sound Record, and in 1958 released Oldies But Goodies: Vol. 1, which went on to stay on Billboard’s Top 100 chart for 183 weeks.

He quickly gained a following among Mexican Americans, leading him to host his own radio show called The Art Laboe Connection Show. With his baritone voice, listeners could call in with dedications or request an old school rock ‘n’ roll love ballad or one of Alicia Keys’ rhythm and blues tunes.

After several years on the air, Laboe moved his dance concerts to his Sunset Strip club. Once Ciro’s, this venue drew big-name touring acts like Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis to its stage.

As a result, Laboe began playing older songs on his shows, which quickly became an established trend in Los Angeles.

Later on, Laboe was recognized as one of the pioneers of West Coast radio. He played classic records in response to audience requests and frequently hosted concerts featuring a range of artists.

Ultimately, his 79 years on the air earned him a place in history as radio’s longest-running jock. Additionally, he made several television appearances and appeared in movies.

He is also credited with popularizing the concept of spinning platters from yesteryear, often “by request.” Laboe was a radio pioneer who delighted local fans and an international syndicated audience by playing those “oldies but goodies” for many years. Unfortunately, on October 7th he passed away at age 97.

The Hits & Treats Show

Dave the rave has amassed one of the largest collections of 45 RPM records worldwide, which he uses to create an entertaining show for all attendees. You will hear both contemporary music as well as timeless classics; everything from funk to glam, surf to garage and British Invasion will be covered!

Today, there are plenty of “oldies but goodies” shows on the air, but Dave the rave has an unique approach to bringing you all of the best from both past and present. With an eclectic range of musical genres, Dave will keep you engaged and entertained for hours on end.

The Hits & Treats show is one of the most exciting shows to hit the airwaves in a while. It is currently syndicated across many markets and always looking for new stations that want an eclectic blend of oldies that includes everything from good to bad and ugly.

Check out a sample of the show by clicking the link below to watch it live. It is also available for download and streaming via podcast. The Hits & Treats Show has earned itself quite an audience, making it essential listening for anyone who appreciates classic rock music – and best of all? You can listen anytime!

The Garage Show

The Garage Show is a reality show that focuses on restoring classic cars. Hosted by comedian Jay Leno, it features various guests interested in restoring their automobiles or motorcycles. Its premiere drew 916,000 viewers, making it CNBC’s most watched original series telecast to date.

Though there’s always drama on the shop floor, the primary focus is on the cars being restored. Whether they are high-performance luxury vehicles or classics, each car has a story behind it.

At The Garage, renowned automotive enthusiasts and everyday mechanics come together to restore cars and customize them for personal enjoyment. This multi-billion dollar industry is revolutionizing car ownership worldwide.

The Guild guys work to reactivate a 1948 Delahaye Cabriolet after eight years in storage, and overhaul a 1956 Mercury personnalisee with Talon as their metal fabricator. Dave searches for Larry an appropriate sports car, testing out his 1962 Daimler SP 250 alongside David.

Dave brings in a 1953 Vincent motorbike, but doesn’t know how to start it. A 1950 Ford F-250 pickup transforms from barn find into something stunning, while Greg and Talon restore an old 1955 Crown Victoria for their wedding anniversary.

No need to break the bank when it comes to car restoration; there are plenty of ways to make your ride stand out from others. So if you’re searching for a way to make your dream become a reality, take a look at these five shows that feature restored cars!

Repairing cars is nothing new, but the shows featured on this list all offer their own special touch. From vintage tire company pinup calendars to scruffy decal-laden tool boxes, each show has a distinct aesthetic that’s sure to please any car enthusiast.

Monster Garage, for instance, is a show that specializes in restoring classic muscle cars. While it has had its share of controversy over the years, its following continues to grow and provides invaluable advice about custom vehicle building.