Colorado Edm Festivals

colorado edm festivals

Colorado offers an abundance of amazing sights and activities. From ski resorts to exciting music festivals, it’s no wonder why people flock here in such droves.

As the electronic dance music scene blossoms, more and more homegrown acts are emerging from our own backyard. These bands offer a diverse mix of sounds – from intricate compositions to funky chaos – that is truly unique for our region.

Pretty Lights

With the growth of Denver’s music scene and its many venues and artists, electronic dance music (EDM) has seen a major comeback. In fact, EDM has become one of the most sought-after genres here in Colorado.

With such a diverse roster of local artists, there’s something for everyone in Denver. Take Breathe Carolina, for example: they combine melodic beats with hardcore screaming for an energetic sound that pays homage to jazz with a psychedelic edge.

Another notable local EDM act is Pretty Lights from Fort Collins, CO. They’re renowned for their upbeat electronica music and daring stage show – definitely worth seeing live!

At Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Pretty Lights opened with Mux Mool who really got the crowd going before transitioning into their 3 hour set with an incredible light show that left everyone wanting more!

They offer a free webcast of the show so you can watch it from home. Plus, check out their official Facebook page for more info and to get tickets!

Derek Vincent Smith, better known by the stage name Pretty Lights, is an expert of electronic and electro music. His unique blend of genres like jazz, dub, hip hop and more has earned him a large fan base who yearn to see him live.

Breathe Carolina

Denver-based electronic rock band Breathe Carolina are an innovative blend of electro-pop, EDM and post-hardcore that incorporates rock riffs with electronic beats for a distinctive sound. Their live shows are truly remarkable experiences that should be experienced live to fully appreciate their energy and intensity.

Alternative festival favourites, they have already performed to thousands of fans around the world at their favourite stages. With performances in countries including the US, India, China and Japan under their belt, they hope to continue captivating crowds at some of their favourite festival stages before year-end 2019.

They possess an infectious stage presence that’s hard to match. Schmitt’s powerful vocals and humorous antics come together perfectly with Cooperman’s cool mannerisms, while Armenta’s distinctive beat adds an unique dimension to their music.

Their electronic dance music style has grown since their debut album, It’s Classy, Not Classic, and they now take a more sophisticated approach to production. Their latest project, Dead: The Album, takes on an innovative new sound that draws influences from multiple strands of EDM.

In 2011, their hit single ‘Blackout’ reached the summit of the charts and amassed millions of plays on social media, earning them widespread coverage from media outlets. This has helped build a dedicated fan base which has led them to plan a new album for release in 2021.

Since 2006, David Schmitt, Tommy Cooperman and Eric Armenta have had an electric presence that must be experienced to be appreciated. Their electronic dance music (edm) style fuses hardcore rock riffs with dance-oriented electronic beats for a hybrid sound that has become a staple within alternative music circles. Their high-energy live shows guarantee to make you feel alive and want to dance all night long!


Nick Miller, better known by his stage name ILLENIUM (Nick Miller), is an internationally acclaimed EDM DJ/producer from Denver who has taken dance music to new heights with his powerful vocals and poignant lyrics set against intricate electronic melodies.

With his captivating remixes and original productions, ILLENIUM has quickly become one of the most beloved artists in music. His discography boasts over 100 million streams to date and he’s featured on multiple Billboard bestselling albums.

In his latest project, ILLENIUM has released his first single for 12Tone Records entitled Nightlight. This love song will be released on August 28th, 2020.

This is an ideal way for him to launch his new label and anticipates releasing more singles soon. This is also a great opportunity for him to gain some exposure and gain new fans.

On July 16th, 2019 Colorado will host the RIDE Festival – featuring classic rock ‘n roll jams, kid-friendly programming and late night live music. Additionally, patrons have access to various outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, river rafting, fishing and more during this 3-day festival.

ILLENIUM is one of the biggest names in electronic dance music (EDM). He will be returning to Colorado this summer for his signature three-phase performance concept Trilogy at Empower Field at Mile High – his second Trilogy show after his record-breaking 2021 headliner at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. ILLENIUM will be performing three separate sets for an unforgettable event sure to please his devoted fans.


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Sonic Bloom

Sonic Bloom is a four-day camping music festival featuring both local and international electronic acts. Additionally, there’s plenty of other entertainment and activities like surreal art installations, fire spinners, flow artists and yoga classes.

Hummingbird Ranch, situated in Spanish Peaks Country southwest of Pueblo, hosts one of Colorado’s longest-running festivals and a must-visit for anyone who appreciates good music and dancing.

In its 14th year, the event brings together an eclectic group of musicians and producers. The lineup showcases the forward-thinking artists that create an unifying vibe across workshops, performances and immersive experiences.

With a focus on sustainability and environmental protection, the event promotes eco-friendly practices. It uses biodiesel generators for its stages to reduce its dependency on fossil fuels. Furthermore, it encourages people to carpool or bicycle instead of driving and collaborates with local farmers to source organic food.

Established in 2006, this event is a celebration of transformation, unification and fun. Its philosophy rests on “Universal Field Theory,” which states that everything and everyone is connected.

It’s an intimate boutique event with many loyal attendees who return annually. It is one of the more laid-back and eclectic festivals in America, allowing you to let your hair down and enjoy yourself in an uplifting environment.

This festival takes place over the summer solstice in Hummingbird Ranch, Colorado and spreads out across the foothills of the Southern Rocky Mountains. It has been a Colorado staple since 2006.

Sonic Bloom 2018 takes place from June 15-18 and boasts an incredible lineup, including Clozee, Ott, Papadosio, Dirtwire, Domi & JD Beck, Lotus, Sunsquabi, Frameworks, Koan Sound, Late Night Radio, Maddy O’Neal – plus much more!