Canada Edm Festivals

canada edm festivals

If you’re in search of an exciting music festival this summer, Canada offers plenty of choices. From parties in major cities to tranquil retreats in the woods, there is something for everyone at these festivals.

The capital city of the United States hosts the nation’s largest dance music festival. Boasting an impressive lineup of the biggest names in EDM and trance, as well as top-notch production value, this must-visit event for rave enthusiasts everywhere.


Shambhala Music Festival is one of Canada’s largest and most influential electronic music festivals, held at Salmo River Ranch in British Columbia since 1998. As a staple for the west coast music scene, this annual event attracts thousands of attendees each year.

Shambhala Festival strives to foster creativity, sustainability and community through music and art. In addition to musical performances, Shambhala also offers workshops as well as yoga experiences.

Shambhala does not accept corporate sponsorships and strives to make the festival financially sustainable. Its mission is to bring together a diverse group of people from around the world who share an interest in creating music that fosters harmony and awareness.

Shambhala offers many rewarding experiences, but also presents challenges. The festival organizers must combat drug use and trafficking, so they’ve added a team of security guards to monitor activity and identify those likely to be dealers. They also employ plain-clothes investigators trained in catching and arresting those selling drugs at the festival.

At Shambhala Festival, drug problems tend to be relatively minor compared to other festivals. According to Dr. Brendan Munn, head of medical at the event, only around 12 serious issues arise each year; this number is lower than at some other festivals he’s attended and his staff has been working to develop programs to combat it.

Despite all odds, Shambhala Festival has managed to stay true to its goals. Many come with the intention of transformation in their lives; Shambhala provides a range of events such as yoga sessions and meditation classes to get them on track.

Another feature of the festival that draws in a large number of attendees is its emphasis on creativity and sustainability. To this end, organizers have organized workshops and an art gallery with an aim to inspire individuals to find their own individual creative outlet.


MUTEK is a Montreal-based electronic music and digital arts festival. The platform hosts an annual six-day event in Montreal as well as international editions in Mexico City, Barcelona, and Bogota.

MUTEK provides an opportunity for professionals, artists, and the public to come together in a spirit of discovery and innovation. The festival takes place annually in August at Quartier des spectacles and features audiovisual experiences, live music performances, digital art works, conferences, panels and workshops over six days and nights.

MUTEK was established in 1996 to celebrate electronic music and digital creativity. Its primary objectives are to promote Canadian and international artists while providing opportunities for up-and-coming talent to shine.

MUTEK has earned numerous awards and recognitions for its work, including the Canada Council’s Artist Award and a nomination for Prix de la Ville de Montreal. Not only does MUTEK attract an array of international artists and guests from around the world, but it also boasts an extensive program of workshops and presentations.

This year’s MUTEK festival will debut a free outdoor stage on the Esplanade Tranquille, offering music of all genres and styles. There will be DJ sets as well as audiovisual performances including Max Cooper’s music and an immersive 3D light field designed by Architecture Social Club.

MUTEK Festival of Discovery encourages attendees to discover a new kind of content that’s more immersive and captivating. To this end, MUTEK has collaborated with XR creators and publishers on Steam experiences that are more accessible for general audiences.

At this year’s festival, MUTEK has joined forces with Quebec/Canada XR to launch the Immersive Collection. This selection will include virtual reality works that have been screened at numerous festivals such as Cannes XR, Venice VR Expanded, Sundance Film Festival and Tribeca.

Additionally, the organization will release a digital publication to promote independent XR content. This showcases the work of more than 60 international artists and their creations.

MUTEK has been awarded funding through the Canada Arts Presentation Fund and Re-engaging Audiences Fund for Professional Arts Presentation Organizations. These resources will aid MUTEK in its mission to showcase Canadian and international artists through its festival and Forum.


EDM may not be the first genre that comes to mind when thinking of Canada, but it has certainly made a mark on the country’s music scene over the last couple decades. Whether you’re just starting out as a DJ or have some experience under your belt with electronic beats, there are plenty of great festivals in Canada worth visiting for those seeking an authentic Canadian experience.

Contact is one of the largest indoor parties of its kind in Western Canada, boasting an incredible lineup featuring some of the biggest names in dance music. The event strives to celebrate diversity within dance music by showcasing a diverse selection of acts for attendees to enjoy.

Beyond its impressive lineup, the festival also seeks to motivate attendees to be socially aware and promote personal wellbeing. To this end, it offers workshops on environmental awareness and social justice issues for attendees to join.

Veld, a Toronto-based EDM festival that’s been taking over Downsview Park for eight years now, draws thousands of ravers to its stunning venue each summer. Featuring top artists across both electronic dance music (EDM) and hip hop genres, Veld offers the ultimate summer musical euphoria in the city.

ileSoniq is Montreal’s hottest dance music festival and it’s no wonder: this is an unparalleled opportunity to get down with top-tier DJs and musicians from around the globe. With massive acts, exotic decor, and surreal stage production, ileSoniq promises an unforgettable experience you won’t soon forget.

Bass Coast is an internationally-renowned electronic music and art festival located in British Columbia. Established in 2009, Bass Coast serves as both a platform for Canadian artists as well as hosting top international talent. Taking place within the beautiful Nicola Valley setting of Bass Coast provides attendees with an unforgettable immersive experience; being surrounded by nature while taking in music and artworks.

Bud Light Dreams is an exclusive festival experience for music and arts connoisseurs. Held along Lake Ontario in downtown Toronto, it’s a two-day, three-stage outdoor celebration of music and arts that aims to offer attendees an exceptional and curated experience while strengthening community ties within the city.

Chasing Summer

Western Canada experiences harsh winters, yet summer brings with it a welcome ray of hope and warmth. That is exactly what Chasing Summer provides – a two-day electronic music festival that brings together dance music fans from across Canada and beyond for some unforgettable electronic jams.

Every year, Calgary’s Max Bell Centre transforms into a massive dance floor for one weekend only, hosting some of electronic dance music (EDM)’s greatest artists and celebrities. A longstanding fixture within Canada’s electronic scene, this event has become beloved among EDM enthusiasts around the world.

The festival’s lineup is always a hit, drawing people from all over the country and beyond to attend. Its primary objectives are to showcase the best electronic dance music (EDM) and provide an unforgettable experience for its guests.

Another objective is to create a safe and healthy atmosphere for all visitors. It has implemented an innovative harm reduction strategy that includes on-site drug testing, sanctuary spaces and drug education. Furthermore, it hosts various drug-free events as well as having an open bar with various food and drink options available.

In addition to its EDM lineup, the festival hosts various other music genres and features performances by artists from around the country. Its main stage often boasts unique props and visual effects that create an truly unforgettable experience for festival goers.

Conversely, it’s worth remembering that Chasing Summer Festival is a popular event and can be expensive. Therefore, it is wise to book your travel and accommodation as soon as possible in order to guarantee yourself a good spot at the venue.

Chasing Summer offers a range of tickets, including floor seats and front row positions. While these may come at the highest cost point, these seats provide an unparalleled chance to see your favourite artist perform live.

The festival typically features both established and emerging electronic music artists. Past headliners have included Steve Aoki, The Chainsmokers, and Infected Mushroom.