Blade Rave

Wesley Snipes’ Blade revolutionized the superhero genre, proving that R-rated black superheroes could be successful at the box office. Its opening scene – the blood rave – remains an iconic moment in modern cinema and dance music history with its syncopated acid riff and gushing puddles of blood.

BBQ Films hopes to recreate this legendary moment with its Blade Rave event at Terminal 5 as part of New York Comic Con’s New York Super Week. Guests include EDM group The Crystal Method and cosplay actors.

The Movie

In Blade, Wesley Snipes stars as Eric “Blade” Brooks, a half-vampire hunter who has inherited most of his mother’s powers. Together with mentor Abraham Whistler (Kris Kristofferson) and newly discovered hematologist Karen Jenson (N’Bushe Wright), he battles off vampires alongside Deacon Frost – an outlaw trying to use rituals to bring back ancient blood god La Magra.

There are some dated elements in Blade, but the film has largely held up well. It’s an understated yet highly entertaining action movie and Snipes is a wonderful actor who excels in both dramatic and action scenes.

As for the movie itself, it’s a fantastic one and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in vampires or comic book movies. While not the first blockbuster to tackle this topic, it has managed to become one of few franchises that has endured and been credited with helping launch modern superhero genre.

Blade’s opening rave scene, set in the late 90s, feels modern. He dispatches dozens of bloodthirsty vampires as they congregate at an underground club hidden away in a meat processing plant.

Snipes does an admirable job as Blade, holding his own in both gory and thrilling sequences. Additionally, he successfully captures the sexy arrogance that pervades Blade’s world.

He does an outstanding job of portraying the “daywalker” aspect of the character, which wasn’t in the original comics. It’s a subtle yet clever addition and definitely worth watching for fans or those who’ve never seen it before.

This movie offers plenty to appreciate, from superb acting to elegant fight scenes. It may be a late 90s vampire movie, but it still manages to be an entertaining watch.

It also features some awesome references to comics, from the boobytrapped sword to the iconic “Frost” tagline that runs throughout. This serves to tie together all of the movie’s different elements and serves as a great example of how comic books can be adapted for film.

The Music

At the start of Wesley Snipes’ 1988 vampire flick Blade, a group of would-be vamps dance to Pump Panel’s remix of New Order’s classic Confusion. Now fans can relive that scene at BBQ Films’ “Blade Rave,” an exclusive event held at Terminal 5 as part of NYC Comic Con.

At Halloween, hundreds of vampire-craving fans converge upon a party. All are dressed in black leather trench coats and corsets, while many also sport milky contact lenses – an enticingly creepy fashion choice for the occasion.

At this surreal costume party, attendees were encouraged to dress up as characters from Blade. And it worked brilliantly: The Crystal Method were the headliners and their powerful music brought out a packed house of vampire enthusiasts.

But the best moments of the night come when you get up close and personal with the performers. At one point, Blade’s sword-wielding doppelganger imitates a showdown on the dance floor by spinning an enormous sword into the air before lunging down a ledge and jumping off with surprising grace. Despite having difficulty performing this stunt, Snipes’ impressive athleticism and inventive double stick landing make for a memorable tribute to this iconic scene.

After that, the crowd gets down to business with an all-out rave as DJ Choyce Hacks spins an electrifying mix of electro-pop and hard-hitting EDM. Although not quite as energetic as its original scene, this music still provides a compelling assault on all senses.

At the conclusion of the music, a group of stagehands launch hoses into the audience and spray it with fake blood. While this would be impossible in real life, it works perfectly for this cinematic event.

This scene marks Blade’s entrance in the movie and sets the tone for a stylishly bloody vampire flick that feels more like an action movie than your average gothic horror film. The precision blood-spray technique combined with stylish visuals add an edge that sets Blade apart from other vampire flicks of its genre.

The Venue

Are you searching for an unforgettable way to commemorate Halloween this year? A blood rave might just be the ticket. After all, Blade set the standard in warehouse rave culture seventeen years ago with his legendary warehouse rave scene.

In the 1998 film, a foolish partygoer is lured to an underground rave in a meat factory. As he enters, blood begins to pour from ceiling sprinklers and he becomes aware of vampires surrounding him.

Once the music stops, partygoers are greeted by Blade (Wesley Snipes), a mysterious figure in a black suit who appears and begins slaying vampires. It’s an exhilarating introduction to this character that sets the stage for one of the greatest comic book adaptations ever made and one of cinema’s finest superhero movies.

Though some may find the idea of a blood rave strange, it actually represents an emerging trend in the world of party planning. While paint technics have become popular for creating unique themes at venues, spraying attendees with blood is taking it to another level.

Insight-Events is bringing the blood rave concept to Amsterdam later this year, and they have already secured over 3,000 guests for the event. Set for October 11, this Halloween-themed bash will include various costumes and decorations as well as a geyser of blood that can be poured down the dance floor.

Music will be provided by DJs inside three loading dock bays designed by Insight-Events to accommodate lighting equipment. They created a 3D visualization model of the area and selected lighting positions to create an impressive look for the event.

The DJs will play a selection of house, techno and beats for attendees to enjoy. Additionally, they have plans for cosplay actors and sword fighting demonstrations.

TicketSmarter will offer tickets for the Blade rave in several locations, including New York City. Prices may vary based on tour length and venue capacity but on average will be under $65 each.

The Party

Event planners from around the globe wanted to recreate an atmosphere similar to Blade’s opening scene, where blood pours from the ceiling and covers vampire dancers in blood. This fantasy role play proved a hit, drawing people of all ages together.

New York-based producer Ashe Kibourne has given the iconic vampire killing scene in Blade a modern touch with his electronic soundtrack. Ashe will perform live while viewers view the film at Vooruit, Ghent, Belgium for another screening meets concert experience.

At his last screening, Kilbourne used the film as a springboard to explore connections between hardstyle, industrial techno, breakbeat and post-club music. To do this, he rescored the picture with tracks that combined hardstyle’s fast rhythms and high-speed synth lines with more psychedelic tribal elements found in breakbeat and industrial techno.

Kilbourne’s Blade is an ambitious audio experience that pays homage to its creators, Marvel Comics. It fuses hardcore-influenced tempos with ambient music to enliven the eerie atmosphere of the film, making it the perfect companion piece to watch alongside Blade itself.

Blade Rave featured sword fighting, cosplay actors, a chill-out room modeled after Deacon Frost’s hypermodern apartment and several surprise guests. Headliner The Crystal Method headlined the dance party alongside Pictureplane – an equally wonderful and strange place – DJ Choyce Hacks, plus other guests.

After the show, fans were encouraged to purchase custom Blade Rave t-shirts and other apparel from Tee Public. This was an awesome way for people to commemorate the night and share the Blade Rave experience with others. It was an enormous success – something that should be replicated around the globe! We hope to see more of these events in the future!