Big Fish Little Fish Rave

Big Fish Little Fish Rave

Since 2013, Big Fish Little Fish has brought raves to families everywhere with their independent music and events crew of experienced ravers and parents who host mini-festival-style raves in cities and towns across the UK.

What is a BFLF rave?

A BFLF rave is a family-friendly dance party featuring music from all genres and an immersive dancefloor. Since 2013, they’ve taken raves to new heights by taking events across Australia at iconic venues like Fabric and V&A Museum.

At a BFLF rave, the most thrilling part for parents is watching their little ones light up the dance floor as they hit that perfect note to bring the music alive. This can be achieved with various music genres, from acid house and techno to hip hop and drum n bass anthems – whatever appeals most to the children!

BFLF parties occur in unusual and exciting venues; clubs, art spaces, festivals, woods, and pubs. They bring together experienced ravers and parents to host these unforgettable family rave experiences for everyone present.

It’s no secret that dance music is integral to our lives. Most of us have attended a rave at some point and cherish the memories of dancing the night away to slick beats, vibrant lights, and unity on the dancefloor.

BFLF is proud to bring high-quality, credible music to a family audience and create an experience like no other. Crafted by some of the top DJs in the business, BFLF’s signature tunes will surely get everyone in the groove.

BFLF events in the North West

Since November 2015, Big Fish Little Fish has been hosting family raves throughout the North West of England. These events provide a fun opportunity for kids and parents to get together and dance in clubs, pubs, and warehouses, as well as at festivals like Kendal Calling or Camp Bestival.

BFLF was established in Brixton, South London, in 2013 and has since spread throughout the UK. It was created by raver parents who wanted to share their love of dance music with their kids; today, it’s known as one of Britain’s premier family raves.

At the core of a BFLF party are a live DJ mixing eclectic dance music from house, rave, hip hop, ska, techno, disco, drum N bass, and dubstep to get everyone on the dancefloor. Hannah Saunders founded BFLF out of an urge to create an event where families could have fun while also learning about music and developing social skills.

Families have become increasingly popular at BFLF parties, often selling out in advance. Each event includes a licensed bar and plenty of activities for kids to do – bubble machines, confetti cannons, and giant balloons are just part of what guests experience at these parties – plus themed crafts, colouring-in murals, and playdough tables too!

It’s ideal for babies, with a chill-out area with mats and a baby ball pool. Additionally, there’s a face painting stall and snacks available.

All ages are welcome. However, activities are tailored specifically for children aged 0-8.

Since their beginnings in London, the BFLF events have spread across the North West and have been met with remarkable success. Each party they’ve held thus far has sold out completely, and this year they plan on returning to a range of impressive venues.

The beloved family rave is set to return to Liverpool this weekend, and tickets are already selling out fast. The organizers have worked hard to secure an ideal venue, so if you’re interested in attending, please check out their website.

BFLF events in Leicester

BFLF is a family rave tour that visits various cities throughout the UK. Events occur at clubs and venues, with DJ sets and activities for children of all ages.

Leicester offers a variety of BFLF events for parents to take their kids out for an enjoyable evening. Most are held at nightclubs and venues near the city center, giving parents an ideal chance to take their kids on an exciting date night.

Booking tickets on the BFLF website is simple – search for a date that works best for you and make your purchase there. Additionally, visit their Facebook page, where they often post details about upcoming events.

It is a safe event, and the music has been set at a low volume that falls well within WHO safety guidelines. The venue will be monitored and risk assessed before the event.

There will be a nappy changing station at each event, a baby chill-out area, and face painting for children. Various games will be played, such as a dance-off between parents and kids and a costume competition.

These events are tailored to children aged 0-8, and the DJs will play music suitable for this age group. The music is set at a low volume so children can enjoy it without being disturbed.

At BFLF, children can enjoy various activities, including play tents, bubble machines, and arts and crafts – all monitored by an accredited safety officer.

Each party will have various themes, such as Halloween, New Year’s Eve, and Christmas. Different DJs will perform at each stop on tour; the line-up changes throughout its duration.

Additionally, a range of themed events and activities will take place throughout the weekend. Highlights include a circus show, tribute acts, and musicals!

Are you searching for an exciting way to spend a Saturday night with your kids and get involved in the community? BFLF family raves in Leicester are perfect. These events provide quality time together as well as plenty of activities.

BFLF events in Cumbria

Award-winning production company Big Fish, Little Fish brings the ‘family rave’ to Cumbria on October 1st. Organizers promise two hours of dance floor bangers from DJ Fallback (resident DJ at Kendal Calling, Bluedot, and Snowboxx festivals), who promises an electrifying evening of music, dancing, and fun for everyone involved.

This venue has been designed with families in mind, featuring a baby chill area, a coloring-in mural, playdough tables, and stalls full of kid-friendly treats. Plus, for adults, there will be access to the licensed bar.

Due to the sheer volume of people attending this event, some background noise will occur during the night. Generally, parents don’t need ear defenders for their children, but if your little one has special needs or needs some peace at night, it may be beneficial for them to put some on.

The ‘glitztastic’ dance floor is the main attraction, with bubbles, confetti cannons, giant balloons, and a parachute dance finale. Other essential details, such as coloring-in murals, baby chill areas, and fireworks displays, promise an exciting and exotic experience. Most importantly, though, you’re guaranteed a genuinely great time!