Best Edm Festivals 2022

best edm festivals 2022

As summer arrives, music festival season is upon us! And for EDM enthusiasts, there are countless festivals to check out this summer.

No matter your level of experience or just starting out, these top EDM festivals in 2022 offer something special for everyone. Here are our top picks that you won’t want to miss!

Electric Daisy Carnival

Electric Daisy Carnival is one of the biggest and best em festival worldwide, having evolved from a small warehouse rave into an expansive three-day festival with hundreds of thousands of attendees and notable DJs such as Calvin Harris, Armin van Buuren, Kaskade, and Martin Garrix.

Pasquale Rotella founded the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), which has grown into an international phenomenon with events taking place around the world – Puerto Rico, Mexico, UK, Brazil, India and China; with its flagship event taking place twice annually in Las Vegas. EDC provides a multisensory experience designed to inspire, push creative boundaries and foster positive culture that you won’t want to leave.

As rave culture spread around the world, EDC needed a new home. Following a tragic incident at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum where 15-year-old died from an ecstasy overdose, Insomniac Events founder Pasquale Rotella started searching for another venue.

After several relocations in Los Angeles, EDC finally found its current home at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Nowadays, this annual EDM festival is North America’s largest electronic dance music event and has been dubbed “The American Ibiza”.

Electric Daisy Carnival is an unforgettable event, boasting a massive lineup and spectacular production. From its kineticFIELD stage to neonGARDEN area, free rides galore, incredible art installations – EDC truly captures the vibrant culture that it is known for.

EDC has earned a reputation for creating an inclusive atmosphere, featuring songs inspired by the hippie counterculture; values like peace, love, unity, respect and responsibility are paramount. This atmosphere can be found throughout EDC events.

Two documentaries document the Electric Daisy Carnival Experience (2001) and Under The Electric Sky (2014) provide a fascinating look into its history, as well as why it continues to draw fans from around the globe.

Las Vegas has seen EDC grow into a major economic force, injecting over $2 billion into the local economy in recent years. Despite accusations of drug use and other problems, EDC still enjoys an excellent reputation among partygoers as a place where people come to party and have fun.

Untold Festival

Untold Festival is one of Europe’s premier electronic music events, drawing hundreds of thousands from all over the globe for four days of exciting programming and high production values. It boasts one of the best lineups in Europe every year and continues to gain notoriety for its carefully curated lineups and large scale production value.

Untold festival, taking place from 4-7 August in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, promises an array of top DJs and producers from around the globe.

This year’s festival will feature performances by over 200 renowned artists, such as Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Claptone, ATB, Chico Rose, Bassjackers, Tim Hox, Gryffin and more.

The main stage of the festival will feature top electronic musicians from around the globe. Additionally, organizers have planned an array of activities including fashion stores, tattoo bars, hair stylists and make-up stands.

Guests will have the unique chance to sample food and drinks from over 60-70 vendors, featuring local, Mediterranean, and Hungarian cuisines.

Visitors to The Design Festival Romania 2019 have the unique opportunity to partake in various interactive and innovative activities, such as VR zones and hi-tech areas. Plus, they’ll get to explore the stunning wheel and carousel or visit Designers Nest – home to some of Romania’s top designers and creative people – for an unforgettable experience.

On the festival grounds, there are nine stages organized into distinct categories and themes. Alchemy stage emphasizes dubstep and trap culture while Daydreaming stage offers an eclectic blend of spiritual, multicultural, and ethnically inspired electronic music.

At this festival, some of the top electronic dance music acts for 2022 will be performing. These include:

Cluj-Napoca, Romania hosts the festival. This city in Transylvania boasts many attractions for visitors such as Turda mine salt, Lake Tarnita, Bran Castle and Peles National Museum.

For the ideal festival experience, it is essential to select an ideal accommodation. You can stay in a hotel or an apartment close by the festival grounds; alternatively, you could also opt for camping.


Tomorrowland is one of Europe’s premier electronic dance music festivals, hosting over 185,000 attendees annually in Boom, Belgium. This annual celebration draws music fans from around the globe and continues to grow in popularity and influencers alike – it has become one of the biggest events in Europe with over 185,000 attending each year!

The festival is set among multiple lakes and forests, creating an idyllic ambiance. Additionally, there are various stages located throughout the site, each boasting its own distinctive design.

Some of the main stages are quite expansive and could accommodate up to one hundred thousand people, such as Main Stage or Freedom stage. These venues often host headliners like Martin Garrix, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike or David Guetta.

However, you will also come across smaller stages scattered throughout the festival. These venues tend to be more intimate, offering only a glimpse of a few dancers at any given time. Popular stages include Leaf Stage, Q-Dance stage and Rave Cave.

These smaller stages often focus on a particular genre of electronic music, such as house, electro or techno. Although not widely known in the United States, these venues should still be visited if you appreciate these genres.

In 2022, there was an exciting addition to the Tomorrowland lineup – KNTXT and Pryda from The Netherlands. These duos are known for creating amazing music together, so you can expect some incredible tracks.

Another fantastic thing about this festival is the variety of artists across various genres – so you’re sure to find something that appeals to your musical taste. In 2022, there was an exciting mix of EDM, trance, drum & bass, hardstyle, and more on offer.

At Tomorrowland, the main stage is an immense structure designed around a particular theme for the year. It boasts many distinctive elements like floating LED butterflies and a water feature situated in the center of the stage.

Electric Forest

Electric Forest is an event not to be missed if you love music, camping and sustainability. This four-day festival boasts an incredible line up of artists as well as providing visitors with a chance to explore Rothbury, Michigan’s natural surroundings.

Electric Forest offers many reasons to attend, but one of the most significant is its emphasis on environmental responsibility and reducing carbon footprints. Furthermore, its sustainability team offers assistance to attendees in learning more about how they can live more sustainably.

At Electric Forest, there is an abundance of love and kindness that makes the experience truly magical. You’re bound to make friends from all backgrounds at this festival, with many chances for meeting people you wouldn’t otherwise meet. It truly is a magical place and it won’t take long for you to fall in love with it!

One of the best ways to get involved at Electric Forest is through their Plug In Programs. These initiatives allow you to assist with various aspects of the festival while earning Wristbands for Electric Forest 2023. This program offers an excellent opportunity for participation, helping blur the lines between organizers and attendees alike.

Furthermore, you’ll earn free Wristbands to Electric Forest 2023, an incredible perk! In fact, the Electric Forest team has even been known to give away complimentary wristbands to attendees who haven’t received them yet!

Insomniac’s four-day camping event at the iconic Gorge offers an exclusive blend of EDM and jam music. Boasting world-class production and an incredible lineup, this is a must-attend for any EDM fan!

It’s clear why this festival has become so popular; among the artists playing are Odesza, Jamie xx, Sofi Tukker, Illenium, Gryffin and Lane 8. With such an impressive line-up you won’t be disappointed!

While the main stage features top-tier DJs, several renegade stages feature underground artists, surprise headliners, and spontaneous b2bs. This year, Mean Mug Music and Debussy joined forces to create an incredible renegade stage lineup featuring incredibly talented artists.