Beach Rave

Beach Rave

Beach raves are an exciting way to welcome summer! Enjoy being by the water, eating delicious foods and dancing to your favorite music. What better way to kick off your feet!

Before planning your next beach party, ensure it’s a success by following these tips. That way, you can have an enjoyable summer party all summer long!

2. Music

At beach rave, the music is much brighter and bolder than at other dance events. This style of music features a pulsing electronic piano and vibrant synth drum beats that create an upbeat, laidback vibe. It’s more uplifting and optimistic than it is heavy, with catchy lyrics to match. Please note: this type of music should not be confused with surf music or California Sound.

If you’re searching for a less raunchy dance music festival, Pacific Fest at Newport Dunes vacation complex in Newport Beach is worth checking out. It features big headliners like Holy Ghost! and Poolside but it’s not your typical bachelor party-decadent bacchanal. This event has become much more wholesome and interesting than Electric Daisy Carnival or Lightning in a Bottle festivals; an example of how these genres have become mainstream enough that they no longer offer danger and adventure but instead provide fans with fun-filled experiences.

3. Drinks

Beach raves aren’t just about getting the party started – they’re also about making sure the drinks are as great as the music. A well-mixed cocktail is an ideal way to show your friends that you care, and they’ll remember it long after the sun has set.

One of our go-to drinks for beach parties is the Bahama Mama. This refreshing twist on an old classic cocktail features two types of rum mixed with pineapple juice and lime for a tropical blend that’s ideal for sipping by the pool or at the shore.

Another beachy drink to try is the Tequila Sunrise. This refreshing cocktail has been a party favorite for years, making it the perfect way to start the day.

The Negroni is the ideal cocktail for a beach rave, as it’s strong enough to keep everyone moving while remaining refreshing in the heat. To make this cocktail indoors with just some gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth or outside on the beach with an ice-cold bottle of prosecco – you won’t regret being one of the popular drinkers at your next beach bash!