Alice in Wonderland Rave

Alice in Wonderland Rave

Alice in Wonderland is an incredible story that explores the themes of growing up. Throughout it, Alice struggles with her sense of identity and questions her own reasoning and actions.

Alice embarks on a journey back to her childhood, hoping to gain insight into the adult world. As evidenced by the physical changes she undergoes throughout the narrative, Alice becomes increasingly more mature.

Stretch Before

If you’re heading to a dance music festival, chances are you’ll be moving around a lot. Stretching before hand can help keep you fit and feel your best; plus, it makes you more likely to pick the correct song at the right time and be an even more confident dancer overall! Posture and body positioning are essential for staying in your element – particularly if you have been traveling for awhile or leaving town to party for the weekend. Lastly, bring along some games, music, and friendly competition for some friendly competition on the night if looking to truly unwind and have fun; no matter what activity you choose! You’re likely going to have an awesome time no matter what activity you choose!

Ground Control

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Since 1997, Insomniac has been producing festivals around the world and are now bringing Beyond Wonderland to NOS Event Center in San Bernadino, California on March 16 and 17.

One of their biggest events of the year, they’re putting on some spectacular shows! Enjoy trance music, drum and bass beats and much more at four stages at this festival which will each bring its own distinct flavor!

At any Insomniac event, you’ll spot ground control personnel walking among the crowds. They will be wearing purple shirts and checking on you to ensure you have an enjoyable experience! Additionally, these people can inform you about all of the stages present at the event as well as their locations.

Ground Control is a team of volunteer staff members that are always ready to assist you and ensure you have an enjoyable experience! They are friendly, attentive, and will do whatever it takes to make sure you have everything needed for a great time!

Wear Comfortable Clothes

If you are attending an Alice in Wonderland rave, make sure you wear comfortable clothes. This will help ensure that you stay comfortable and have a great time while at the event. Since dancing and standing will take up most of your time at the event, make sure your shoes have good arch support as well.

At an Alice in Wonderland rave, there are various kinds of clothing you can wear. Some people opt for simple outfits while others go all out and don costumes. No matter what you choose to wear, keep in mind that you will be dancing and sweating a lot during the event.

When planning for any event, weather should always be taken into account. Be sure to check the forecast before leaving home, and bring along a blanket for warmth while at the festival if you live somewhere where temperatures drop significantly.

Bring a small backpack with you when going to the stage or trying to catch an opportunity in line-up. This will be beneficial when running to reach the stage quickly.

Wear a hat and sunglasses to stay cool while dancing and protect yourself from UV rays. For added warmth, consider wearing a hoodie while in the crowd.

Fans of Alice in Wonderland will want to attend the festival. Here, you can explore a different world while listening to amazing music from artists such as house, trance, techno and more. Plus you’ll get to experience some stunning art installations and performers – making this event one you won’t want to miss!

Have Fun

Alice in Wonderland rave is an energetic electronic dance party themed around various genres of music. This event has become one of the most beloved and successful events on the East Coast.

At the NOS Event Center, this event will boast four stages and an array of DJ artists showcasing their skills on the dance floor. Plus, enjoy laser shows, a full bar, as well as plenty of food and drinks throughout the day!

This party is the ideal way to ring in the holiday season and catch some of the top national DJ artists! Don your Alice themed attire for some festive fun!

Arriving early is recommended, as this will give you plenty of time to enjoy the entertainment and explore the theme rooms. Get an authentic taste for what this event has to offer by arriving early!

As the name implies, this is an immersive experience inspired by Lewis Carroll’s classic children’s book Alice in Wonderland. This venue offers various themed rooms like card deck palaces, mad tea parties and even a New York City-inspired back alley. A must for any Wonderland enthusiast!

This event provided fans with an unforgettable weekend, featuring some of the top artists in the industry performing across various stages. Notable names included Deadmau5, Rezz, Armin Van Buuren and Yehme2. It truly felt like being at a festival!

Celebrating this holiday season was an unforgettable experience that provided you with some of the top nationally DJ artists! Don your Alice themed attire and join in on all the fun – don’t forget to wear your best Alice attire!